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iPad 2 Launch

Apple To Secretly Launch iPad 2 In Japan Tomorrow? (Update: White iPhone 4, Too)

According to the Japanese newspaper, Nikkei Shimbun, Apple is planning on secretly launching the iPad 2 in Japan tomorrow – over a month later than the company originally intended.

iPad 2 To Make It To RadioShack Shelves Tomorrow?

RadioShack may get their hands on the iPad 2. The blurry photo above reveals a notice from RadioShack announcing that the retailer will begin carrying the iPad 2 at 500 of its locations as of March 29.

Apple Confirms: iPad 2 Launches In 25 More Countries This Friday

Apple has just confirmed that the iPad 2 will launch in 25 more countries this Friday. Customers will be able to purchase the second generation iPad from Apple Stores at 5 p.m., or from the Apple Online Store from 1 a..m. (local time).

AppAdvice Daily: AT&T To Acquire T-Mobile, iPad Still Going Strong And Selling Out, And Ways To Pimp Your iDevice

AT&T To Acquire T-Mobile, iPad 2 is still going strong in the U.S., but this Friday it goes International, And we have an app to pimp out your iDevice.

The iPad 2 Is No Longer Delayed In The Czech Republic

Apple’s second generation iPad is no longer delayed in the Czech Republic. After changing the launch date to April 25 (at, Apple’s webpage has reverted back to the original launch date: March 25.

The iPad 2 Launch Day Experiences And Unboxing Video

We got our iPad 2 on launch day, and have videos of our day. There were many places to go with all kinds of lines, and we have all the details. Plus, we have an unboxing and hands on video of the iPad 2.

Just In Case You Missed Them - iPad 2 Reviews Are In

With only a day before you can get your hands on an iPad 2, popular tech blogs have been teasing us with with their reviews. The verdict? All of them seem to be very impressed. Perhaps 2011 will indeed be the year of the iPad 2.