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ipad 2 vs ipad 1

Which Is Stronger? The iPad 1 Or iPad 2? [Video]

The iPad 2 is thinner than the iPad 2. Does this make it less strong?

Does Back To The Future Run Any Better On The iPad 2?

Back To The Future was one of the few apps to have problems running on the iPad 1. Does the iPad 2 run the app any better, even with no enhancements from the developer? Click through to find out and see for yourself if there are any differences.

The iPad 2 Offers True Multi-Tasking Compared To iPad 1

We ran a little informal head-to-head test between the iPad 1 and the iPad 2 to highlight the difference in multi-tasking. What does the more powerful processor and RAM mean in actual real life performance? Click through to watch the multi-tasking showdown.

iPad 2 vs. iPad 1 Showdown: Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade was recently updated with iPad 2 optimizations, and we have a head-to-head comparison of the game running on an iPad 2 and an iPad 1. We've got video, screenshots, and hands-on comparison between the two devices.