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ipad art

Apple adds two new creative workshops to its repertoire

Apple is ringing in the New Year with some fresh workshops for photographers and artists.

Don't Let A Small Screen Be The Bane Of Your Artistic Existence

Even with the iPhone's small screen, you can still make serious art.

Procreate V1.6 Brings Some Major Changes

Procreate, a gorgeous sketchbook app for iPad, has just received some big changes, as well as a makeover.

Updated App List: iPad Apps For Artists

The iPad is an incomparable portable device for artists of every level in every medium. But the App Store is replete with so many apps for artists, how do you pick the best? Read on see our top picks...

Surreal Slideshow With Salvador; Dali: The Atherly Collection

If you are a Salvador Dali fan, or just want to see some of the world's best surreal paintings on your iPad; Dali: The Atherly Collection, may be for you.