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iPad battery

New iPad Cells Take Twice As Long To Fill Up, May Also Run 'Warm'

We expected as much, but the fine folks at iFixit have confirmation: The new iPad battery takes longer to charge.

The New iPad's Biggest Advancement Might Actually Be Under The Hood

The Retina display is the new iPad's number-one feature, but it's bigger battery may be the most important.

New Rumor Claims Apple's iPad 3 Will Include An Improved Battery, And Will Launch In January

According to the ever-active rumor mill over at DigiTimes, Apple is planning on launching the third generation iPad in January. Furthermore, the website adds that the device will include a battery that is double the capacity of the iPad 2.

The iPad 2's Battery Is An Absolute Beast

The second generation iPad is thinner than the original iPad, and it's twice as fast, while still boasting the same battery life. If you were wondering how this could be possible, take a look at the above image. As you can see, the iPad 2's battery is huge.