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ipad books

Updated AppGuide: Book Apps For iPad

In many ways, the iPad is the ultimate e-reader, as it can replicate available e-reading devices’ interfaces, support multiple book formats, sources, and offers more choices for readers, especially with respect to DRM. Finding the apps you need to read your books can be difficult, unless you follow this AppGuide!

New App List: Best Interactive Books For iPad

There are so many amazing interactive book for iPad. They are amongst the most intriguing uses of technology on the App Store, but also some of the more expensive apps. So we take a look at the best and most popular titles for you here to help your spend your book and app allowance wisely.

Virtual History - The Last Supper Raises The Bar In Digital Publishing - Win A Copy With A Comment

Virtual History - The Last Supper is changing the face of digital publishing on iOS. And, we have an opportunity for you to win a copy with a comment.

Alice In New York: The Big Apple Goes Through The Looking Glass

Alice in New York, while clearly inspired by Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There is not so much a sequel to Wonderland as it is a mash-up. The beloved Carroll cast of misanthropes are dropped into the hustle and bustle of the big city. Atomic Antelope delivers an e-book that is just plain fun.

Review: Pedlar Lady - Neatest iPad App Yet?

Are you interested in a book that truly does come to life? Well Pedlar Lady just may be it, but read on to find out if it's worth $4.99.