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iPad Case

Keep Your iPad Safe In The Kitchen With Chef Sleeve

The iPad really can be the perfect virtual recipe book, but when using your iPad in the kitchen there's always a chance that something's going to get spilt on it. Fortunately, one new iPad case has you covered. It's called "Chef Sleeve," and it can keep your tablet safe from eggs, milk, cake mix and more.

Joe White

You Can Charge Your iPad Using This Solar Powered Case

It might cost $165, but the "LilyPad 2" iPad case can do an awful lot. Not only does it feature a solar cell (meaning you can charge your iPad using sunlight), but the case also features an HDMI output, a stylus, a keyboard stand and a backup battery.

Joe White

Accessory Advice: Sleeve 360

The Sleeve 360 is an iPad case with a hand strap as well as positions for movie watching and typing. It offers up a different take on an iPad case, so read on to find out all about it.

Staff Writer

Review: Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad

When the iPad was first launched there were only a few cases available. The only case that had a built in stand besides Apple’s case was the Incase Convertible Book Jacket. After using the case for six months here are our thoughts...

Tim Chaten

Etch A Sketch iPad Case - The Coolest Case Ever?

If you're a fan of iPad cases, then this article's definitely one not to miss. Etch A Sketch meets iPad in this great new, protective case for the iPad, designed by Headcase. We've got information and photos ready for you to read and view! Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Joe White

iPad Camera Connection Kit Now A $100+ Commodity

While U.S. consumers are finding all versions of the iPad available within a modest time-frame, iPad accessories are another story. Both the "official" iPad case and camera connection kit are sold out at However, for those willing to spend a lot more, both items are available on both and with immediate shipment.