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ipad games

Etermax announces more Trivia Crack features and new games

Look forward to new features for your favorite trivia games along with a new one for kids.

7 spooky iPhone games to put you in the Halloween spirit

Get ready for the scariest night of the year with some creepy good fun.

Celebrate Halloween with QuickBoy and Seven Knights

Go trick-or-treating with sweet and scary holiday updates for these two Netmarble games.

Now you can take the Dave & Buster’s fun home with you

Win real prizes by scoring big with new games from Dave & Buster’s.

How to stay up to date with the newest games and deals from Big Fish

This app helps you find new favorites and use strategy guides for some great games.

Strategize, defend and conquer in the new DomiNations game

Get ready for a new combat strategy experience, DomiNations is full of great challenges and rewards.

AppAdvice Daily: Smash Bones And Cut Organs, We're Playing Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is the most disgusting new game on the App Store, and we're playing it live on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Get Ready To Drop Words Like They're Hot In Wordrop

This new word game will have you rushing to form words before it's too late.

Play Board Games On Your iPad This Holiday Season

Many of the most popular and classic board games are available as apps for your iPad. This AppList will walk you through the best apps to fire up during your next gathering of family and friends.

Marathon, A Mac Classic, Is Coming To iPad

Marathon first appeared on the scene in 1994 as a Mac exclusive, bringing with it several big ideas that would forever redefine the shooter genre. Now, it's headed to the iPad-- for free.

All Aboard With Chillingo’s Strategy Train Game, Incredible Express

Incredible Express HD will charm train lovers, as you become the controller of a lucrative train and cargo company.

QuickAdvice: Ball Towers HD

Try out this engaging, but challenging game with graphics that are very detailed and stunning.

HD Update Will Make iPad Woozzle Gamers Happy

This is a great game for those who love puzzles. It just got better as the HD release gives you the crystal clear graphics on the iPad!

Burst Your Bubble And Play Puji’s Shootout HD

Puji the starfish is out to save the day as he navigates the bottom of the ocean in an attempt to save al the little fish that are trapped inside bubbles. This addictive game will have you playing for hours!

The iCade Arcade Cabinet For iPad Is Coming May 31

An arcade-cabinet attachment that started off as a prank will finally see the light of day on May 31.

New AppGuide: iPad App Store Gaming Classics

When the iPad App Store launched late in March 2010, users were welcomed to around 1,000 apps. By the end of April, that number compounded to over 5,000 apps. Just like the iPhone launch, games were a huge part of the iPad’s launch. We take a trip back to 2010 and see which ones have actually improved and become App Store classics in this AppGuide.

Does Back To The Future Run Any Better On The iPad 2?

Back To The Future was one of the few apps to have problems running on the iPad 1. Does the iPad 2 run the app any better, even with no enhancements from the developer? Click through to find out and see for yourself if there are any differences.

iPad 2 Vs. iPad 1 Showdown: Real Racing 2 HD

We put the iPad 2 and iPad 1 head-to-head running Real Racing 2 HD, which has now been optimized for iPad 2. Click through to watch the video, see the screenshots, and read the impressions.

iPad 2 vs. iPad 1 Showdown: Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade was recently updated with iPad 2 optimizations, and we have a head-to-head comparison of the game running on an iPad 2 and an iPad 1. We've got video, screenshots, and hands-on comparison between the two devices.

GDC 11: The Big Wrap-Up

After 22 GDC articles, we've finally reached the end. Click through for a round up of all the upcoming games.

Review: Ms. Pac-Man For iPad - Arcade Classic Comes To iPad

When you think of the arcade heydays of the 80's, you instinctively think of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. Now Ms. Pac-Man is on the iPad in all its dot-chomping glory!

GDC Kicks Off Today - Check Back For A Plethora Of Gaming News All Week

GDC '11 starts today, and we are there live. All week we will be giving you the latest and greatest news on upcoming games for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

AppAdvice Will Be At GDC '11 - Let Us Know If You Will Be There

The Game Developer's Conference will take place February 28th to March 4th, and AppAdvice will be there to find out everything new about iOS gaming. If you're a developer or reader who would like to meet up please get in touch.