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iPad HD

The New iPad Is Everything I Hoped It Would Be

Am I disappointed in today's iPad unveiling? Hardly.

Just Call It An iPad And Call It A Day

iPad 2S? iPad 3? iPad HD? Come on, Apple, knock it off already.

Let's Talk iPad Names - iPad 3, iPad 2S Or iPad HD?

You don't need me to tell you that we've been talking about the iPad 3 for a long time, all the while referring to the upcoming tablet as Apple's new and mighty "iPad 3," rather than considering the potentiality of a name such as the "iPad 2S" or even "iPad HD." Now, yet another report is claiming the "iPad HD" name, and if you ask me such a name is quite a serious possibility.

Part Listings From Griffin, Belkin Suggest "iPad HD," Not "iPad 3"

Though countless information on the third-generation iPad has hit the Web, there is still one thing about the next-generation iPad that we're quite unsure of: its name.