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ipad medical

iPad Helps Little Girl See More Clearly, Improve Reading And Study Skills

The iPad is a groundbreaking example of consumptive tech, but its implications are sometimes way more far-reaching.

The iPhone Has Become Heart Healthy with iPhoneECG

Coming soon, you will be able to send a personal ECG (Electrocardiograph, EKG) right to your doctor, all while sitting in your living room.

New AppList: Apps For Doctors With iPads

Doctors are beginning to adopt the iPad into their own workflow at the hospital. There are some apps that can actually enable doctors to be more efficient. This AppList will showcase some of the most useful apps for doctors.

New iPad App Is Helping Cerebral Palsy Patients

Too often, we forget that technology products are not just for playing games or to help us do our daily work. This week, the University of Michigan published a report on how its engineering and computer science students have developed a special app to help cerebral palsy patients. It’s a wonderful read. Read more ...