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ipad news

Hit The Top News Headlines With Hitpad

This app is an excellent way to bring you up to date on all the latest headlines. It is sure to soar to the top in the area newsreader apps!

Best iPhone Apps With Free iPad Updates

Some of the iPhone apps you have bought have iPad native versions as part of a free update. Click through to find out the best ones.

Worst iPad Apps - From The Ridiculous To The Just Plain Bad

These apps are just wasting space in the iPad App Store. Click through to get some good laughs.

iPad Apps To Avoid

The iPad App Store is loaded with apps, and you could spend a lot of money really quick. We're here to help you avoid some apps that just aren't that great, overpriced, or simply a hidden rip-off.

First iPad Apps To Download Fresh Out Of The Box

You just opened up the iPad box, and it's time to load some apps fresh out of the box. Find out which ones to put first on your iPad.

Universal Kindle App Is Now Live - iPad Version Looks Better Than An Actual Kindle

The App Store Kindle app just got an update, and is now a universal app that runs natively on the iPad. Kindle on the iPad looks better than an actual kindle ever could. Read on to find out all about it.

High Resolution Screenshots From Ngmoco, Namco, Glu, Freeverse, and Galcon

High resolution screenshots of Galcon Fusion, We Rule, Diner Dash, Glyder 2, and Pool Pro Online 3 to name a few. Much more inside to see these iPad apps how they actually look.

Tons Of High Resolution iPad App Screenshots Because iTunes Doesn't Allow Them

iTunes App Store has a problem currently where you can only view iPad screenshots in iPhone size 480 x 360. You miss out on all the details, well we're here to help with high resolution screenshots of eight iPad apps.

Gameloft Presents Gameplay Video of All Eight of Their iPad Apps

Gameplay video of all eight of Gameloft's iPad launch titles. See the iPad specific features in action.

Jelly Car 2 On iPad Bounce Into The App Store - Plus High Resolution Screenshots

Jelly Car 2 will be ready day 1 for the iPad, and gives tons new iPad specific features. Plus five high resolution screenshots.

Tumbles HD Adds VS To Match 3 - Plus A Look At Ngmoco's Plus+ For iPad

Tumbles HD has an iPad specific vs mode. It also features Plus+ for the iPad with a first look at ngmoco's iPad Plus+ interface.

See True HD With Cogs HD & Sneezies HD

See high resolution screenshots of Cogs HD and Sneezies HD because iPhone size screenshots just don't cut it.

Smiles HD Looking Good For iPad and It's Free Now!

Smiles HD for iPad is Free right now in honor of the iPad App Store launch. Plus we have high resolution screenshots and two gameplay videos.

Roll Dice On Your iPad To Make Decisions With MotionX-Zen HD

MotionX has created a realistic dice rolling physics app for the iPad that features 12 games with some helping make decisions and see the future.

Orbital HD Looks To Take Full Advantage of The iPad

Orbital has been redesigned for the iPad, and it looks gorgeous. Plus five high resolution screenshots.

PartyPad - Marble Mixer May Be The Most "iPad" Game At Launch

PartyPad - Marble Mixer epitomizes the iPad game by being built only for the device, and not an iPhone upscale. Gameplay video and high resolution screenshots are also included.

Igloo Games Is Bringing All Four Of Their Games To The iPad In One Package - Plus On Sale and iPhone Potential

Igloo Games Arcade features all four of Igloo games, Dizzy Bee 1&2, Flipside, and Bed Bugs, plus dual player and versus mode for $6.99. It's on sale today though until midnight, and an update is a few weeks away to make this universal for iPhone/iPod Touch owners.

GodFinger for iPad Will Launch With the iPad App Store

GodFinger for iPad will be part of the iPad App Store launch. Plus we have four high resolution screenshots.

Charadium Comes To The iPad Because The iPhone/iPod Touch Is Too Small

Charadium is a great game that has one problem which is that it's on the cramped iPhone/iPod Touch. That's about to change with Charadium for the iPad, plus high resolution screenshots.

Illusion Labs Shows Off Touchgrind HD & Labyrinth 2 HD

We have high resolution screenshots of Illusion Labs two iPad launch games, Touchgrind HD and Labyrinth 2 HD.

Get Ready To Tap Tap On Your iPad - Plus High Resolution Screenshots & Gameplay Video

Tap Tap Radiation will be live Day 1 for the iPad. We have details of this unique game from tapulous as well as high resolution screenshots and gameplay video.

Firemint Releases Gameplay Videos of Flight Control HD & Real Racing HD

Firemint shows off their two upcoming iPad games with stunning gameplay videos.

Plants vs Zombies HD High Resolution Screenshots and Gameplay Video

Plants vs Zombies will go live tomorrow, but in the mean time see beautiful high res screenshots as well as video of the game in action.

Fieldrunners for iPad Update Plans Already - Plus Beautiful High Resolution Screenshots

Fieldrunners for iPad already has update plans in the works. Plus we present five high resolution screenshots of the beautiful iPad version.