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Sociable Brings All Of Your Favorite Social Networks Together On The iPad

Sociable is a new iPad app by return7 that is able to bring all of your social networks together in on app.

Shazam And SoundHound To Duke It Out On The iPad On Day One

Shazam and SoundHound will be going head-to-head on the iPad. Who will be the victor? You decide!

Shape Services' All-In-One Messenger IM+ Goes Universal, Update Now Available

Shape Services has released the universal build of IM+, the company's popular all-in-one messenger. You can download the update right now, but you will have to wait for your iPad to see it in its optimized glory.

ESPN ScoreCenter Gets The XL Treatment For iPad

ESPN's ScoreCenter XL aims to make every sports fan proud to own an iPad, but at what cost?

Twittelator Goes From Pro To Pad, Will Be Available For iPad Launch

Big Stone Phone's popular Twitter app Twittelator goes from "Pro" to "Pad" just in time for the big launch.

1Password Pro Update Will Contain Both iPad And iPhone Versions; 1Password For iPad Priced

Agile Web Solutions has priced 1Password for iPad only days before the big launch, but that's not even the biggest news. The company also submitted an update for 1Password Pro that will certainly please current iPhone and iPod touch users.

Makeshift's Multiplayer Drawing Game Depict Is Going HD For iPad

Depict HD for iPad? Yes please! Makeshift Games' multiplayer drawing game is a blast on the iPhone and it is only going to be better on the iPad.

Never Lose Another Board Game Piece Again With BoardBox For The iPad

Movile looks to do away with the pain associated with board game piece loss by bundling 15 of your favorite board games into one iPad app to be released on April 3rd.

Turn Your iPad Into A Ruleless Deck Of Cards With IsoCards, Available For Free On Launch Day

Forget the rules. Indie developer Opetopic will be releasing a brand new and totally free card app for the iPad titled IsoCards, allowing you to play any card game your heart desires.

CollegeKidApp Has An iPad App Ready For Launch Day And It's Not Battery Go! HD

CollegeKidApp has an iPad app ready for launch, but it's definitely not an iPad-optimized version of Battery Go, so what is it?