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Popular screen brightness app f.lux is now available for iOS

If you want your iOS screen to adapt to changing daylight conditions, there's a way to make that happen.

Don't expect your next iPhone to feature an AMOLED display

Could Apple introduce a new AMOLED display with its next iPhone handset?

Cupertino, we have a Touch ID problem on iOS 9.1

With the latest version of iOS, many users are having problems with an important security feature.

Learn how inventions came about in Innovation Age of Crafting

This entertaining game is fun and educational at the same time.

Enjoy the Titanfall universe on your iPhone or iPad in 2016

It may not be a first-person shooter, but it will still be Titanfall.

Griffin's Journey protects your iPhone from bumps and falls

Griffin's Survivor Journey is designed for light to medium abuse, but does it fulfill that role?

Apple records yet another strong quarter thanks to the iPhone

In the fourth quarter of FY 2015, Apple earned $51.5 billion in revenue and $11.1 billion in profit.

Starting in Germany, carrier billing rolls out to iTunes

With carrier billing, you'll be able to charge your iTunes purchases straight to your cell phone bill.

Could Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone 6 come to Verizon soon?

With its recent request for an FCC waiver, the carrier could soon be turning on this service for its customers

A guessing game: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch sales

The busy holiday season is fast approaching, and more estimates of iOS device and Apple Watch sales figures are in.

ResearchKit projects study autism, epilepsy and melanoma

Three new ResearchKit studies stretch the capabilities of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Get a whole new take on weather forecasts with Sunshine

This new weather app takes an innovative approach to improving forecast information.

Use your iPhone to add some Halloween creepiness to your costume

Liven up everyone's Halloween with these amazing smartphone-enabled costume pieces.

Will losing its Apple developer account hurt iFixit?

With iFixit's developer account banned for good, what does that mean for future teardowns?

Remember every moment of that next event with Flashgap

The latest update to this photo sharing app brings lots of fun and interactivity.

Pixelmator is fully ramped up for iOS 9 in its latest update

One of the leading image editing apps for iOS has been updated to support the latest technology.

Get your downloads running, it's iOS 9 time

The long-awaited update, iOS 9, is available to download with plenty of reasons to upgrade.

How can you make sense of the options to buy the new iPhone?

If you're as confused as I was about how to purchase the next iPhone, this flowchart should help.

'Little birdies' say Apple won't hold an October iPad event

Could it be true that Apple will only hold one event during the fall of 2015?

Apple announces the annual iPhone event with a focus on Siri

Apple has announced its next big event for Sept. 9, 2015.

Samsung's 'Ultimate Test Drive' is the ultimate gimmick

Samsung is trying once again to lure away loyal iPhone customers, but will their plan work?

Sprint makes upgrading easier with 'iPhone Forever' plan

If you're looking for an easy upgrade path when the next iPhone comes out, Sprint's new plan might be for you.

Samsung announces new phones and its own mobile pay service

The Korean company is beating Apple to debuting new phones, as expected.

BatteryBox powers your MacBook and iOS devices for hours

This external battery is a great way to keep your MacBook powered while also charging your iPhone or iPad.