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iphone 4g

Surprisingly, 34 Percent Of iPhone Owners Think They Already Have 4G

According to a recent survey carried out by the consumer electronics website Retrevo, over one third of iPhone owners think they already have 4G.

Take AT&T's LTE Network For A Spin On Your iOS Device With These New Modems

AT&T has recently announced two new modems, which allow users to hook up to the carrier's LTE 4G network.

iPhone Name Game Gets Mighty Murky With Newest Insider Info

Industry analyst Peter Misek claims Apple's newest handset will come with "4S" branding. We're not so sure.

AT&T Marketing Strategy Indicates Next-Gen iPhone Could Be Called "4G"

If AT&T has its way, the next-gen iPhone name may have taken a shady turn towards the "4G" designation.

T-Mobile USA Ready To Release A5-based iPhone

T-Mobile USA is setting the rumor mills swirling with the field-testing of an A5-upgraded iPhone.

What To Expect In 2011: iPhone

As 2010 draws to a close, we're looking ahead to the new year, and wondering exactly what we can expect in the new iPhone coming in 2011 ...

AT&T iPhone Insurance Launching June 6th - New iPhone In Sight?

AT&T has some expensive iPhone insurance for you. It's not the solution we were hoping for, but it does point at the new iPhone!

iPhone 3GS Supply Depleting in Time for WWDC?

Telefonica, a major Spanish mobile network, removes the iPhone 3G and 3GS from its catalog. Are they preparing for the new iPhone ?

Police Breaks Into Gizmodo Editor's Home After iPhone 4 Leak

It looks like the iPhone 4G leak story is only getting started. Following Gizmodo's unveiling of the next iPhone's prototype last week, Californian authorities broke into of its editor's home.

Appisode 113: iPhone 4G Tear Down, Wacky Apps, And Money Savers

The iphone 4G got a tear down - what was discovered? We have the details. We have an app for all our UK viewers, a new wacky app plus one that will help you budget. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Appisode 112: The Story Behind The iPhone 4G And New Adrenaline Packed Apps

The story behind the iPhone 4G keeps getting stranger, we're here to bring you the details. And on a lighter note, we have two apps that will get your adrenaline pumping, and one will that will do it for free. We have all this on today's AppAdvice Daily.

iPhone 4 Leak Redux

The web is going crazy today around what seems to be an incredible leak of the iPhone 4G; after some first pics published by Engadget yesterday, Gizmodo managed to put its hands on the actual device last week and apparently, this would be the real deal.