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iphone 4s battery issues

Has iOS 5.1 Fixed Battery Life Issues? Some Say Yes, Some Say No

Has iOS 5.1 fixed your iPhone's battery issues?

iOS 5 Battery Issues Continue With No Solution In Sight

No one is yet calling it “Antennagate: Part II,” but the battery life issues affecting some iDevices, in particular the new iPhone 4S, continues to drag on. And now comes word Apple may have to delay the release of a fix until later this month thanks to another issue with iOS 5, according to Redmond Pie.

Despite The Update: Many iPhone 4S Users Still Reporting Battery Issues

Hours after Apple released iOS 5.0.1 that was supposed to fix the reported battery life issues with the iPhone 4S, we’ve received numerous reports that the update hasn’t helped.

Apple Informs Staff What To Tell Customers About iPhone 4S Battery Issues, And Readies Software Fix For Public Release

iPhone 4S users having battery life issues with their new handset will soon be getting a fix, according to news made available today.