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iphone 4s cases

Watch As The mentalKase Protects An iPhone From A 6,000-Foot Drop

Even after reaching terminal velocity, the protected iPhone comes away without a scratch.

AppAdvice Gift-Guide: iPhone Cases

In our second-in-a-series of Gift-Guides we look at 12 of the best iPhone cases available today. Enjoy!

Every iPhone 4S Deserves A Cool Case - Here Are Six (More) To Choose From

Earlier this week we suggested eight new cases for the iPhone 4S. Today, the first day the handset launches worldwide, we suggest six more. Take a look.

Every iPhone 4S Deserves A Cool Case - Here Are Eight To Choose From

The iPhone 4S’s launch is just days away. For many, this doesn’t just mean buying a new iDevice. For some, finding the perfect case is just as important as buying the iDevice itself. With that in mind, we recommend the following iPhone 4S cases, each newly available.

AT&T iPhone 4 Customers May Need To Purchase New Cases For The iPhone 4S

Even though the iPhone 4S looks essentially the same as the current iPhone 4 model doesn’t mean current accessories and cases will work with Apple’s newest handset. In other words, you might actually have to buy a new case come Friday when the iPhone 4S arrives, according to iDownloadBlog.