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iPhone 4S launch

According To Tim Cook, Apple Underestimated Demand For The iPhone 4S In China

A couple of weeks ago, Apple's launch of the iPhone 4S in China descended into chaos: Apple Stores didn't open on time, unhappy customers threw eggs, and eventually, a SWAT team was called to the Beijing retail store. According to Business Insider, during yesterday's financial conference call Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that the company had underestimated demand for the iPhone 4S in China.

Madness At Beijing iPhone 4S Launch: Eggs Thrown, SWAT Team Called

The launch of Apple's iPhone 4S in China descended into chaos yesterday, as intense crowds punctuated with professional scalpers forced an Apple Store in Beijing to postpone the handset's launch.

China Unicom To Offer Free iPhone 4S Handset With Contract

Though it was only recently announced that the iPhone 4S will launch in China on January 13, China Unicom has already decided how its going to sell Apple’s fifth generation handset.

Apple To Launch iPhone 4S In China And 21 Other Countries On January 13

In a press release that recently hit the Web, Apple has announced that it plans to launch the iPhone 4S in China and 21 other countries this January 13.

Apple's iPhone 4S Now Available To Purchase In 22 Additional Countries

Apple's iPhone 4S handset is now available to purchase in 22 countries around the world.