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iPhone 5 camera

Will Nokia Lumia 928's PureView Camera Be The Best On The Market?

Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S III don't compare with Nokia's Lumia 928 when it comes to low-light shooting.

New iPhone 5 Case Promises To Reduce Purple Lens Flare

An Illinois accessory maker is offering an inexpensive case for the iPhone 5 that apparently reduces purple lens flare.

Some iPhone 5 Cameras Capturing A Purple Halo Effect Around Bright Light

It’s not exactly a purple haze, but some iPhone 5 users are apparently seeing an interesting halo on some photos taken with the new handset.

DigiTimes: Apple's iPhone 5 Will Feature Eight Megapixel Camera, Made By OmniVision & Sony

According to a recent report, "significant orders" for camera image sensors have been won by OmniVision. The report claims that these units, some of which will also be provided by Sony, are to be used in the iPhone 5's eight megapixel camera.

Further Indication Next iPhone Will Include Better Camera

We’ve received another report that the next-generation iPhone will include an eight megapixel camera. This news comes from Taiwan-based, DigiTimes quoting industry sources.

Unverified Image Of An iPhone 5 Part Hits The Web - Similar Design & Two Camera-Style Holes

The image of a purported iPhone 5 part has recently hit the Web, and – while the authenticity of the image hasn’t been verified – the photograph shows an iPhone back panel, which is white and features two camera holes.