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iphone 5 concepts

Op-Ed: iPhone 5 Or iPhone Why?

Discussing Apple's take on the y-axis and the "why"-axis.

In Case You Weren't Already Dreaming Of What The Next iDevice Will Be

Another iPhone 5 concept to whet your appetite for tomorrow's event.

New iOS Mockups Elegantly Combine Latest iPhone Rumors

A gray color scheme and Safari omnibar could be coming to iOS 6.

The Rumored 4-Inch iPhone Might Become A Reality, But Not Like This

Don't put too much stock into this iPhone concept unless you love crazy theories and disappointment.

New Big-Screen iPhone Concept Is Uniquely Bizarre

ADR Studio's latest iPhone concept is mind-blowing(ly ridiculous).

The Curved iPhone 5

Third-party iDevice design concepts are always interesting. This is especially true this year as we await the next-generation iPhone, which should include the first significant form factor change since the introduction of the iPhone 4 in 2010. Today’s iPhone 5 concept comes from Ciccaresedesign, creator of the iPhone Air concept.

AppAdvice Daily: iPhone 5 Must Haves, New Kids App, Plus More!

Will the iPhone 5 have a projected keyboard? We have a new app app for your kids, plus one that will make getting a passport a little easier.

Newest iPhone 5 Concepts Show Striking Design, Amusing Foresight

This trio of iPhone concepts show an entertaining and disparate view of Apple's handheld future.