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iPhone 5 rumor roundup

Rumored iPhone's Two-Tone Backside Isn't All About Appearances

There's sound technical reasoning behind the purported unique look of the new iPhone.

New iPhone Could Screw With Tinkering, Repairability

Are Apple's screws tight or loose with these proprietary fasteners?

The Rumored 4-Inch iPhone Might Become A Reality, But Not Like This

Don't put too much stock into this iPhone concept unless you love crazy theories and disappointment.

Logically, You Already Know What To Expect From The Next iPhone

Before the rumor mill gets kicked into high gear, here's what you can expect from the new iPhone.

Blacked-Out Apple Vacation Days Indicate The New iPhone Likely To Launch Mid-October

The next-gen iPhone is but a few weeks away, so hold on to that crummy clamshell just a little while longer!

Rumors Indicate iPhone Could Ditch Single Most Iconic Feature

Rumor has it Apple's changing the look of its iDevice home button. But does it make sense?

Anniversaries Matter As Symbolic Day Approaches For Apple

If early October means as much to Apple as it does to its history, expect several surprises inside the first week.

Sprint Insiders Hint At October iPhone Release, Renewed Carrier Interest

A soon-to-be relevant Sprint eyes a mid-October iPhone release.

De-Unconfirmed: Apple Fall Event NOT To Take Place Early September

Apple's rumored iPhone 5 event: One source's word against another's.

Internal Carrier Memo Indicates October 1 Launch For Next-Gen iPhone

If a confidential Telus document is to be believed, Canadians can purchase the next-gen iPhone in early October.

Newest iPhone 5 Concepts Show Striking Design, Amusing Foresight

This trio of iPhone concepts show an entertaining and disparate view of Apple's handheld future.

Infographic: All The iPhone 5 Rumors In One Place

Over the past few months, rumors about Apple’s fifth generation iPhone – the “iPhone 5″ – have been circulating. Fortunately for us all, one handy infographic can provide Apple fans with a complete iPhone 5 rumor roundup.