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iphone 5 rumors

With Samsung And Sharp Out, Innolux Will Help Produce Displays For Apple's 'iPhone 6'

Innolux joins LG and JPC as iPhone 6 display manufacturers.

World's Largest Mobile Carrier Unlikely To Carry iPhone 5

Contrary to earlier reports, it now seems unlikely that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have support for China Mobile's proprietary standard.

I Spy The iPad mini: Instapaper Developer Log Suggests Existence Of Long-Rumored Tablet

The esteemed developer of Instapaper has stumbled upon a couple of possible clues to the existence of the so-called iPad mini.

Next-Generation iPhone And So-Called iPad mini 'Confirmed' To Be Launched Separately

For the past month or so, it’s been widely speculated that both the new iPhone and the so-called iPad mini will be announced during a single Apple event on Sept. 12. But now, AllThingsD has “confirmed” that the two upcoming iDevices will be launched separately.

Rumored iPhone's Two-Tone Backside Isn't All About Appearances

There's sound technical reasoning behind the purported unique look of the new iPhone.

New iPhone Could Screw With Tinkering, Repairability

Are Apple's screws tight or loose with these proprietary fasteners?

New iPhone And iPad Mini Rumors, Hulu Plus On Apple TV And More!

More iPhone news, Hulu Plus invades an Apple TV near you, plus the chance to win some iTunes gift cards - all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Yes, A New iPod touch Is Likely Too

Apple is expected to refresh the iPod touch for the first time since 2010.

Apple Set To Tweak The Entire Line Of iOS Devices, Plus Add iPad mini

New report suggests new iPhone, new iPad and yes, an iPad mini to launch this fall.

Editorial: 19-Pin Connector Detractors Docked In Fantasy Land

Apple's rumored move to a smaller dock connector is no price-gouging conspiracy.

Apple May Sell You A 30-Pin Adapter For The New iPhone’s Smaller Port

If the new iPhone has a smaller dock connector, what will happen to older 30-pin accessories?

The Real Reason An iPad mini Makes Sen$e For Apple

Apple's past moves suggests the iPad mini is real and coming soon.

Rumors Have Apple Putting A New iPhone In Your Pocket This September

According to a recent rumor we may see the next iPhone release a bit sooner than expected.

The Next iPhone Could Be Most Popular Yet

There is unprecedented demand for the next iPhone, which should arrive in next three months.

The Next iPhone Is In Production, With New Hardware In Place

Latest rumors suggest the next iPhone is now in production, and includes a 19-pin connector.

Is Production Of The Next iPhone Already Underway?

Rumors regarding the next iPhone have seemed to be calming down lately, but could that be because Apple's next handset is already in production?

Purported Engineering Samples Of 'iPhone 5' May Confirm Previous Rumors

Photos of supposed "iPhone 5 engineering samples" confirm what was previously rumored about the next-generation handset.

The Next iPhone May Finally Be Sporting Elusive A6 Processor

The next iPhone will be the first iOS product with a quad-core processor, according to a recent report.

New 19-Pin Dock Connector Coming This Year

It's starting to look like the 30-pin dock connector is on its way out.

iPhone 5 Could Launch With Support For World's Biggest Mobile Market

Apple's upcoming iPhone could be the world's first truly global cellular handset.

Apple Gearing Up For ‘Exciting’ September

Apple might be gearing up for next week's start of WWDC. However, the big news might not come until September.

AppAdvice's Week In Review

Tim Cook visited D10 while we examined skeuomorphs. We discussed the next iPhone, while some of our readers cried foul. What a week it was.

What We And Everyone Else Knows About Apple's Next iPhone

Forget all about Apple's love for secrecy. The stars have aligned and we know what the next iPhone will look like.

Leaked Images Suggest A Completely Redone iPhone

Our friends at 9to5Mac are out with what they are calling leaked images of the next generation iPhone. As each image suggests, the sixth-generation handset might include a taller screen and a unibody enclosure, plus other changes.