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iPhone 5 sales

T-Mobile Announces A New Zero Dollars Down Campaign For Smartphone Buyers

T-Mobile's new promotion begins tomorrow, July 27.

Take That, Samsung Part II: Apple Is Now The Top Phone Vendor In The World

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S outsold Samsung's Galaxy S III during the holiday quarter worldwide.

More People Would Rather Buy An iPhone 5 Than Purchase A Previous Model This Season

The iPhone 5 is a bigger hit with buyers than the iPhone 4S.

Apple Sells Over 2 Million iPhone 5s In China During First Weekend

Apple has announced that it has sold over 2 million iPhone 5 units in China just three days after its launch in the country last Dec. 14.

Legacy iPhones Selling Well This Holiday Season

Apple is doing great business on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S too.

Apple Expected To Offer Unlocked iPhone 5 Models Tonight

Unlocked iPhone 5s could be arriving at Apple’s online store as soon as today, Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. PST. The same models are also expected to show up at Apple retail stores in the near future.

Foxconn Cannot Keep Up With iPhone 5 Demand

It may still be difficult to get an iPhone 5.

Apple Expected To Offer Unlocked iPhone 5 Models Very Soon

Unlocked iPhone 5s should soon be arriving in the U.S., at least according to a leaked page on Apple’s website.

New Survey Suggests The iPhone 5 Is Besting The Galaxy S III

Samsung shouldn't get too comfortable holding the top selling smartphone crown. The iPhone 5 is here and is taking over.

Italians Pay The Most, Americans The Least For iPhone 5

A new survey points out just how expensive the iPhone 5 can be depending on where you live.

Apple Could Sell 200 Million iPhones In 2013, See Stock Price Climb To $960

Morgan Stanley discusses iPhone 5 sales, the iPad Mini, and Apple's share price.

Updated: Apple Sells 5 Million iPhone 5s In First Weekend

Five million iPhone 5s were sold in three days.

Just How Many iPhones Will Apple Sell This Holiday Season?

Another analyst has raised his iPhone sales forecasts for the holiday quarter.

Apple: Yeah, We Sold A Ton Of iPhones In 24 Hours

No surprise as Apple announces record iPhone 5 sales.

If You Haven't Preordered An iPhone 5, Get Ready To Wait In Line

The iPhone 5 is available for preorder, but it looks like Apple has already exhausted their initial preorder stock.