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iphone 5 screen

Apple Now Offering In-Store iPhone 5 Screen Repairs For $149

Apple has launched a brand new in-store repair service, according to one recent report.

Worried About Scratches And Dings On Your iPhone 5? Wrapsol's ULTRA XTREME Screen Protector Is Here

Is your black iPhone 5 scratching? Are you worried about future dings? Consider Wrapsol’s ULTRA XTREME screen protector.

Vlock: Show Off Your iPhone 5 Screen With A Video Clock That Doesn't Require Jailbreaking

Do you want to show off your iPhone 5? Vlock can help with that.

The iPhone 5 Doesn't 'Just Work'

The iPhone 5's biggest weakness is Apple's app approval process.

DisplayMate Ranks iPhone 5's Screen 'Best Smartphone Display'

All of us know the iPhone 5′s new, 4-Inch screen is impressive, but now DisplayMate has ranked the sixth-gen iPhone’s screen the “best smartphone display,” having compared it with that of the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S III.

Op-Ed: iPhone 5 Or iPhone Why?

Discussing Apple's take on the y-axis and the "why"-axis.