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iphone 5s rumors

The iPhone 5C Shines Nicely In A New Durability Test

The plastic back panel survives a torture test without a scratch.

Photos Of The Rumored Gold iPhone 5S Appear Online

The gaudy color choice for Apple’s next-generation handset looks to be legitimate.

New Images Strongly Hint That The iPhone 5S Will Feature A Dual-LED Flash

The next-generation handset will be unveiled early next month.

Apple's Next Great iPhone Won't Arrive Until 2014

The "iPhone 5S" is likely to be a ho-hum update, at best.

A Next-Generation iPhone With Biometric Capabilities Is Apparently Confirmed

A developer found references to a fingerprint sensor in the just released iOS 7 beta 4.

Apple's Biggest News On Tuesday Had Nothing To Do With Previous iPhone Sales

Apple's own words suggest that the next iPhone is launching before Sept. 30.

As Smartphone Upgrades Slow, The Industry Is Beginning To Make Adjustments

One of the reasons Apple is likely to launch a budget iPhone is due to slowing high-end smartphone growth.

Apple Begins Production Of The 'iPhone 5S' At The End Of July

Apple is set to begin production on the next iPhone this month.

Verizon May Soon Be Kicking Themselves For Agreeing To Sell The iPhone

Verizon may owe Apple $14 billion to cover declining iPhone sales.

The Next iPhone Could Be Super Fast, Support LTE-A

The next iPhone is likely to support LTE-A technology

Foxconn Said To Begin Shipping The First Budget iPhone Units To Apple

The first budget iPhone units are on their way to Apple.

Leaked Photos Provide Latest Indication That The 'iPhone 5S' Is In Production

More photos leak that apparently show the next iPhone.

New Image Reportedly Shows An iPhone 5S Screen On The Assembly Line

Could Apple be ramping up production of the next-generation handset?

The Next iPhone Could Include A Dual LED Flash

More news about the next iPhone's likely dual-LED flash.

Leaked Photos Purportedly Show Interior And Rear Shell Of iPhone 5S

A couple of photos that purportedly show the interior and the rear shell of the so-called iPhone 5S have just emerged online.

The Next iOS 7 Beta Could Arrive On Monday

Using data from past releases of iOS, we can also peg down a possible introduction date for the iPhone 5S.

Case Makers Are Gambling That Their Designs Match Those Of Apple

Case manufacturers are now making products for unannounced Apple devices.

Is This A Case For Apple's Budget iPhone?

A new video purportedly shows a case for the long-rumored budget iPhone.

Photos Leak That Purportedly Show Parts For Apple's Next iPhone

The latest photos apparently showing the "iPhone 5S" are here.

Apple Is Awarded A Patent For A Technology Already Enjoyed By Samsung Users

Tap this: Apple may finally catch up with Samsung by introducing a NFC file sharing system.

Apple's Next iPhone Worth Its Weight In Gold?

Photos leak reportedly showing a gold-colored "iPhone 5S."