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iphone app

Get what you need, when you need it with GoButler

From reservations to food orders to gifts and more, this new app is your own personal assistant.

Tap your hand to take a selfie with Snap Tapp on Apple Watch

Stop struggling to take the perfect selfie, just put on your Watch and tap your hand.

Protect your messages with M – Safe email made simple

Feel safer with an email app that automatically encrypts your messages, subject lines, and attachments.

The Momento 3 journal brings video support and enhanced feeds

The newest version of this popular journal writing app offers explorable timelines, video support, sharable summaries, and more.

Retro-style Red Dot Camera Free is now available

Try before you buy with this camera app that has an old time look and feel.

Find the hidden gems for your trip with videos from Facet

Get some video travel inspiration from a new app that shows you the hot spots to hit.

Viber now lets you attach files, delete messages and more

Use Spotlight Search, delete messages, and attach files with an update to this popular communications app.

Create wish lists and save items from any store with Taggr

Get ready for your holiday shopping with an app that lets you create multiple wish lists and save products from any online store.

Skype gets an update with maps, calendar events, and more

Now you can check a location, add an event, or call a number with a tap.

Get a VIP table at the hottest club in town with Tablelist

Reserve a table, get bottle service, and join the best parties in the city with a couple of taps in this cool app.

Stay on track with your daily habits using Habster

Keep up with the simple things you do every day or each week with this handy new habit tracker and reminder.

DivorceForce provides help and support when you need it most

You don’t have to do this alone, get support from others as well as information you need to help you through your divorce.

Learn a new word each day from an elephant with Vernie

Expand your vocabulary with a handy app that teaches you a new word every day.

You really can wake to Good Mornings every day

This new smart alarm clock lulls you to sleep, wakes you gently, and keeps track of your sleep quality.

Grab your pals and create your own content click with Riple

Join a group, create your own, and then easily share awesome content with friends.

Get your Dunkin’ Donuts with DD On-the-Go Ordering Portland

Taking a plunge into mobile ordering, Dunkin’ Donuts introduces an on-the-go app for customers in Maine.

The ShowOne backing track app lets you focus on the music

For musicians who use backing tracks live comes an amazing tool created specifically for you.

Don’t rock alone, start a band or join one with Encore Music

Connect with other musicians like you to sing or strum together or just share your love of music.

Get ready to have a FaceParty by making a cool GIF collage

Create and share a neat GIF or video collage in just minutes with this fun, fast, easy app.

See only the tweets you want with Birdy – Widget for Twitter

Instead of getting the latest tweets from everyone, just get the ones you want with this handy widget.

Tired of the Kardashians? Get K Blocker and eliminate them

If you think life is too short for so much Kardashian news, then block them from Safari with this new app.

Find money for college with Scholly: Scholarship Search

Get help finding relevant scholarships that you actually qualify for with this handy app.

Get the body you always wanted with Runtastic Results

Get your personalized 12-week fitness plan with bodyweight workouts and no equipment worries.

Find a dog sitter or become one with Bark N Borrow

If you need a dog walker or caregiver for Rover, take a look at this app that finds people in your area to help.