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iphone app

Subscribe to your favorites with BuzzFeed Video

Check out those cool videos on the go with this handy app from BuzzFeed.

Stay in tune, Shazam Encore now syncs your songs

Get your Shazams on any device with an update to this popular song recognition app.

Simply swipe to start rocking with ARIIA

This lightweight music player lets you control your music with simple swipes and taps.

Set it and forget it with Delayd for messages and posts

Schedule texts, emails, and social media posts so you can get on with life.

Where did I park and did my meter expire? Check parkOmator

Get alerts on your phone or wrist when it is time to head back to your vehicle.

Manage your audio creations with SoundCloud Pulse

From your SoundCloud tracks to your community, manage it all with ease with this new app.

Share your story with amazing pictures on Showzee

Combine photos and videos to create your own mini story and then share it with others.

Get DVD and streaming details with Movies by Moviefone

For movie and TV shows details, this updated app will point you in the right direction.

Feel inspired and start each morning as a Bright New Day

Get the motivation and inspiration you need with a new quote every day.

Why type your calendar events? Just draw with JotTheDate

Add some fun to your calendar with sketches and drawings for your events.

Play Hangman, tell stories and more with HangArt

Kids can have a great time playing, drawing, and telling stories while they learn their words and letters.

Make someone’s day with a funny, furry greeting from Catmania

Send the purr-fect greeting card for that next holiday or special occasion.

How restless are you at night? Sleep++ will show you

Just wear your Apple Watch to bed and find out how well you really sleep each night.

HeartWatch 2 is here with a complication and sleep tracking

This heart rate monitor and tracker now provides a summary at a glance, full Apple Watch app, and more.

Chill out or get grooving, Mood Listener has you covered

Whether you are happy, sad, or in between, let this new app pick tunes to suit your mood.

Clean up your Pinterest boards with PinCheck

Are you fed up with broken links on your Pinterest pins, but don’t have time to check every one? Use this handy app to check them for you.

Hello Weather, can I just get a simple forecast?

Get the weather details you really need without a bunch of extras you don’t.

Take a break from music, listen to Anchor – true public radio

Step away from the ordinary and listen to something fresh for a while.

Sort posts and use 3D Touch with the updated Vine app

Sort your Vines and create them from your home screen with the latest app update.

Moleskine Timepage now provides a default duration and more

Enhancements to this super smart calendar app let you set a default duration, shade your days, and tap to edit.

Will you pull the plug on Facebook to save your battery?

According to recent testing, the Facebook app on iOS appears to still be a burden on your battery.

What’s it like Being Beethoven or even Bill Gates?

Incorporate the daily rituals of the world's most effective people into your own life.

Hide fun messages for your friends to discover with WallaMe

Play a modern day hide-and-seek or send a private note with hidden messages others can pick up in the spots you leave them.

Pick start dates in the new and improved Remember The Milk

Great new features like start dates, individual reminders, and colored tags have been added to this handy task app.