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iphone app

Limber your finger and rev up to play Thumb Drift

An intense, endless, car-drifting game is headed our way.

Amazon Music with Prime Music introduces a spotlight

View the spotlight tunes, set your timer, and more with a great update to this music app.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Howler, the joke writing app

Move over Jerry Seinfeld, you’ve got some competition.

It’s fashion week in My Little Pony: Rarity Takes Manehattan

Saddle up and take a trip with your favorite ponies on their fun new adventure.

A Google Photos update lets you organize pictures with ease

Wishes are coming true with this popular photo storage app update.

Airbnb on your Apple Watch makes travel planning easier

Hosts and guests can now communicate faster with this app’s update for Apple Watch.

Type away from the ordinary with the Next Keyboard

Go beyond the theme and get more out of your keyboard.

Record and battle for your 5 seconds of fame in Clashem

Do you think you have the best, short video clip? Put it to the test in this new app to find out if you’re right.

Get there in single a tap with Twitter Bookmarks

Check on a friend, open a list, or do a Twitter search the simple way with this new app.

Keep your eye on the charts? Predict and win with Musicbet

Put your music prediction skills to the test with this app that lets you bet on songs.

Personalize Bing Search and wear it on your wrist

This popular search tool is bringing more useful features to the table.

Turn pages of a magazine full of your photos with Recently

Get a beautiful magazine filled with your pictures delivered to your door each month.

Let the bunny book your flight with Hopper

Hop on over to helpful predictions, great savings, and easy booking for your next flight.

Start browsing, Google+ Collections are now available on iOS

This new feature has ventured into iOS territory. So, enjoy browsing, following, and creating Collections.

Travel your way to a drawing with GPS-A-Sketch

See what kind of sketch you can make on your next journey.

Walk your giraffe with Tep the Motivational Activity Tracker

You and your virtual pet can be healthy and happy together with this creative motivational fitness app.

Red Dot Camera brings back old school picture taking

Adjust your own settings to get that perfect photo with this retro style camera app.

Bring it together, connect your apps and friends with Vurb

Recommend your favorite spots and learn about new ones with a neat app for connecting it all with friends.

Now you can catch full episodes of your favorite AMC shows

Watch those AMC originals you missed with this handy new app.

Go on a digital treasure hunt with Atrapara

Leave secret messages and discover others with this new game-like app.

Discover and create with awesome music on Vine

Get with it and add music to your vines now with a terrific update.

You no longer have to be a square when using Instagram

Your photos and videos can now look even better than before.

Let Namewhale find a unique name for your startup

Your new venture needs an original, unusual name, so let this new app help you find it.

Leap into a new email experience with Geronimo

Managing your inbox is now easier with this sleek new email app.