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iphone app

What’s your number? Don’t worry, Numerous has it

See your important numbers or just some interesting ones with this updated app.

Never miss a sale alert with ShopStyle on your wrist

Compare prices you see at the store with those on your wrist, before you buy.

Groupon To Go delivery and takeout blows into the Windy City

Food delivery plus cash back? A great new service will save you money in more ways than before.

Shazam for movie trailers? Heck yea, with MovieQU

Just tap a button while watching a movie trailer to capture that film for your personal list.

Vero – True Social: Share what you love with who you love

A new social media app lets you control what you share with whom. Widen your circle or keep it small, it’s up to you.

Going bonkers at work? Maybe it’s time to ‘Switch’ jobs

Searching for a job is tough. Why not try a new method using an app that keeps providing new features to help?

Go away pricey broker, Oliver will find me an apartment

Find your dream apartment in the city with this new handy app.

Do you look even better today? Find out with Selfie A Day

Take a daily photo to look back on constant changes with this new app.

Manage emails, events and contacts with just one app, Boxer

Stop app-jumping and check out a great update to this cool tool.

You now have the ‘Power’ to check your battery quickly

Don’t get off the couch or dig through your bag, check your battery the easy way.

Where did that $100 go? Let Spendee show you

Keep track of your income and expense with an easy-to-use app for iPhone.

Create stunning wallpapers with impressive views in Topia

Explore patterns from satellite views around the world and turn them into gorgeous wallpapers for your phone.

Share life’s honest moments with Beme

Create videos of what you see, from your perspective, and share them automatically with this new app.

Create and share cool interactive photos with Fyuse

Why look at a flat photo or try to share a large video? Create pictures others can see in a whole new way.

Who needs words? Send memes and sounds with What2Share

Make someone's day, send them a smile or a good laugh with this new keyboard.

Immerse yourself in the 360-degree Google Spotlight Stories

You will never look at stories on your device the same way again.

Don’t be a cold ‘Popsicle,’ chat with your Twitter friends

If you have ever wanted to just chat with your Twitter contacts, this new app provides a simple way.

Watch live streams from your favorite gamers with Kamcord

Hey gaming fans, it is time to see some real action – live.

Take a private walk down Chat Alley

Meet that cute guy or gal at the next table by sending a fun, flirty message.

Reminisce about the places you have been with Google Maps

Never forget where you have been with a new maps app feature on the way.

Explore even more in real-time with Instagram

Recent updates bring more ways to browse Instagram.

Google Play Books now lets you sync notes to Google Drive

Nice updates to this popular reading app bring a better experience.

Nike+ Running and Spotify: More music, more motivation

Get inspired to push a little harder and run that extra mile with a musical update to this running app.