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iphone dock

Belkin’s Valet Charge Dock is a beautiful, but pricey, way to charge an Apple Watch and iPhone

The dock is the first to offer an integrated Apple Watch charger, so you won’t need to provide your own cable.

Simple Station holds your iPhone and Apple Watch in style

An innovative dock that houses both your Apple Watch and iPhone while also amplifying your sound is in the works on Kickstarter.

The Bluelounge Saidoka Is The iPhone Dock You'll Actually Want To Use

This sleek, customizable, and functional iPhone dock is just right.

The Inexpensive SETA Smartphone Stand Is A Perfect iPhone Companion

This simple device, which was recently launched in a Kickstarter campaign, uses special NanoSuction material to securely hold your smartphone.

Apple Invents Another Use For iOS Device Packaging

A patent application details a dock that literally transforms from packaging.

Farewell iPhone Dock, We Hardly Knew Ye

It seems Apple is killing off the iPhone dock.

AOC's Aire iPlay Monitor Features A Built-In iDevice Dock For Seamless Media Playback

Using cables and connectors can be such a drag when you want to share some of your iPhone's media on a bigger screen. AOC's new monitor cuts the cord with it's built-in iPhone dock connector.

Engineers Needed To Bring New Dock Technologies To iPod Family

These want ads could mean the familiar 30-pin connector won't be changed just yet.

Pop Your iPhone And Pop Out Of Bed With This Kickstarter Alarm Dock

This clever dock helps you -- and your iPhone -- spring into action!

CES 2012: Native Union Introduces Line Of Fashionable iPhone Handsets

If you need an extra handset for your iPhone, Native Union's got you, Jack.

CES 2012: Get On The Road To Happiness With Face Off In-Dash Car Mount For iPhone!

This is the first iPhone car mount I've ever actually wanted.

CES 2012: Old Is New Again With ePure iPhone Home System

If you're still hanging on to your old landline, you need this fancy iPhone dock. Analog never looked so good!

New Clock Docks Your iPhone With A Difference

This new iPhone accessory looks incredibly interesting. Designed and created by iLive, the $50 product can charge your iPhone and play music. But, that's not all: Upon downloading the free iLive app users can have their iPhone handset mould perfectly with the alarm, as you can see in the above image.