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iphone game

Save the day in Transformers Rescue Bots: Hero Adventures

Your kids’ favorite heroes are back in their own adventure.

Immerse yourself in Deep Terror, a dark, eerie puzzler

With sinister whispers and creepy growls, this horror-themed puzzle game is entrancing.

Create shapes to keep your ball rolling in Path Drop!

Make the right shape to complete the path in this endless, side-scroller.

Put your hand on the table, it’s time for Five Finger Fury

Take a stab at this new game where your tap means everything.

How tall can you make your Stack?

Create the tallest stack you can before the blocks become too small.

What’s Jumping? It better be you in this lively new challenge

This new arcade game will certainly keep you jumping.

Blaze through waves of evil creatures in Fire Fu

Get fired up for a sizzling, new arcade challenge.

Rescue the Snortles in Jump! A Game of Numbers

Kids can have fun practicing math while saving cute creatures.

Shoot your way through the sky in search of honey in Zummbee

Take out enemies, gather honey, and score big in this buzzy, new side-scrolling adventure.

Help Mr Plumbum sort his printing box in this matching game

Swap classic typefaces to make matches and help the printer.

Meteors are falling, don’t get squished in Danger Dodgers

Watch out for falling meteors and then get out of the way in this new adventure.

Connect shapes with one path in Linken, an elegant puzzler

Using a single path, connect the same colored shapes in this beautiful puzzle game.

Go back in time and play a classic game in Grand Gin Rummy

Play a fun game of Gin Rummy in a jazzy, 1920s atmosphere.

For a test of your reflexes, flip gravity in Midnight Dot

Get the dot to the top by flipping gravity in this challenging new game.

Get ready to shred in Snowboarding The Fourth Phase

Are you up for stomping some sick tricks in the mountains? This new snowboarding adventure will take you there.

Stride & Prejudice is an endless runner with a literary twist

Read the classic novel “Pride and Prejudice” in a creative and imaginative way.

You are the deadly evil in Sybil: Castle of Death

Instead of a tower defense game where you protect yourself from evil, you will become it in this new adventure.

Bizarre App of the Week: Find the Invisible Cow

This week’s unusual app is a game that will take you back to your childhood. Well, sort of.

Find a way out of the house in 625 Tremendous Escape

You are locked inside a house. Search for clues, solve puzzles, and see if you can escape.

Agi Bagi Meadow Flyer takes tiny tots to a magical land

Your kids can fly around a fun planet with adorable characters and nifty surprises galore.

Survive the vast universe in Ellipsis, a stunning puzzler

For a unique puzzle experience, explore an amazing universe while you try to survive in this new challenge.

Create a tower that reaches the stars in Boxy Build

How high can you build your tower when blocks keep flying in?

Get ready to move and groove in Hexadash

Flex your fingers and move just right in this fast-paced new arcade game.

Explore parallel worlds in Abandoned: The Underground City

Search for clues to finding your brother in this new game with a mysterious world.