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iphone game

The cryptic Please, Don’t Touch Anything is coming to iOS

A new intriguing game, currently only available on Mac and PC, is heading to the App Store soon.

Fuel your spaceship and explore the galaxy in Los Aliens

This new puzzler will send you on a fun space adventure full of lively characters and challenging gameplay.

The ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ blast into Marvel Future Fight

This action-packed, adventure RPG gets a superhero-sized update to go along with the TV show.

Feeling froggy? Hop your way through traffic with Froodie

Jump and dodge your way to the goal in this new take on the classic Frogger game.

Strategize and discover the truth behind Tower in the Sky

Assemble your team and fight against evil in this new role-playing adventure.

Save an enchanting world in JumpStart Magic and Mythies

Your kids will enjoy this magical quest to help the mages and save the mysterious world of Terra.

Enter the gothic daydream Afterland, a collectible card game

Clear the paths of evil and collect beautiful, rare cards in this new dark-themed game.

Kill some time on your Apple Watch with ColourBind

How good are your eyes and your memory? Test yourself with this game made just for Apple Watch.

Be fast, be fearless in Need for Speed No Limits

Rev your engine and take that sweet ride to the streets in this new EA racing game.

You are the accused in Indefinite: Interrogation Game

Prove your innocence using only your memory in this new game where you are a prime suspect.

Let’s hatch some dinosaur Eggs!

Tap to hatch the eggs, but be sure to plan ahead in this new puzzler.

Immerse yourself in Magic Flute by Mozart, a charming puzzler

This engaging new, sliding, puzzle game will both challenge and captivate you.

Slashing its way onto the scene soon is Samurai Blitz 2.0

Get ready to slice into this fun endless runner’s major update.

Based on the TV series, Heroes Reborn: Enigma is launching

Fans of the new NBC series can experience the story themselves in this upcoming adventure.

The Unknown Number, a new math puzzler, adds up to fun

Isn’t it about time you had a little fun with math?

Step out of the ordinary with SQRD Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

The fun twist on this classic game will definitely challenge you.

Only you can save the princess, brave knight SirVival

Prepare for a medieval endless runner where the journey is dangerous, but the rewards are priceless.

Create your own unique topics with the new QuizUp

You now have a chance to create fun topics and questions for this trivia game.

Get ready to giggle with the new animated puzzler AZZL

Lively animations, challenging puzzles, and colorful characters are waiting for you in this fun, new game.

What choices will you make to save the mage in Timecrest?

A magical world and young mage are in danger and only you can save them.

Jetpack Fighter released in Canada and headed for the U.S.

This high-speed, action platformer with tons of promise will make its way to the U.S. this year.

Your kids can make a volcano erupt in The Earth by Tinybop

Let your kids explore our changing planet over millions of years with this fun, new, educational app.

Head to the bridge, Star Trek - Wrath of Gems has a mission

Beam me up, Scotty, there is a cool new match-three space game available.

Are you tough enough for Retro Rugby?

Gear up for some 8-bit rugby action in this new sports game.