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iphone game

Get in the nose and fling to win in Booger Boing

It may have an unusual name, but this fun, new game lets you explore a world inside the nose.

Bizarre App of the Week: Hair Plucker

This week’s weird app is a game that will have you pulling your hair out, well, someone’s hair.

Oh man, you better Watch Yo! Back

Destroy the city as a gigantic monster before the cops take you down.

Can you arrange the letters right to complete Word One?

Don’t be fooled, there is only one correct answer in this new word game.

Move those sticky legs quickly and don’t be Clumzee about it

Escape the grasp of the evil minions in this charming, new, endless climber.

Hop your way to victory in Jetpack Water Jump

Jump and dive in this new endless runner that lets you race against others.

Avoid the nasty Grumz in this new endless stopping game

Can you stop at just the right time to save your orb and score?

Jump and slide through the cosmos in Messi Space Scooter Game

Race through space as Leo Messi in this new endless adventure.

Elephants Can’t Jump, or can they?

Jump your way through the jungle collecting yummy peanuts and squashing the mean monkeys who steal them.

It’s up to you alone to Save Mars!

Eliminate asteroids and rockets to protect Mars in this new arcade game.

The wild platformer Circa Infinity will make your head spin

For an energetic, mind-bending challenge, try this new circular platformer that tests your timing and your focus.

Build a path for Atomi in this beautiful logic puzzle game

Are you ready to try a relaxing new game? This logic puzzle brings an engaging experience.

The updated Mr Jump dares you to master the teleporters

Jump into fresh game elements and a dozen new levels in this challenging platformer.

Trade in your girdle for a gun in Gangster Granny 3

Take out the bad guys as the toughest Granny in town in this action-packed, follow-up adventure.

Your stick figure army returns to fight in Cartoon Wars 3

Build your powerful army and battle the enemy in this tower defense, action adventure.

The line is the limit in Stick Robo Hero, a new robot roller

Roll your robot from platform to platform by stretching your stick in this fun new game.

Retro arcade puzzler Super Phantom Cat pounces onto iOS

This old-school, 2-D platformer will have you jumping, bouncing, and catching stars.

The fast-paced Rolling Sky brings a challenge like no other

Keep your eye on the ball in this fast-moving, hard-to-master, new platformer.

Bizarre App of the Week: Blobfish Evolution

This week’s odd app will take you deep under the sea for some good old mutating.

Treat cute pets to a relaxing day in Forest Folks – Pet Spa

Give a cat a facial and rabbit a massage in this adorable new time management game.

How quickly can you switch colors? Find out in Swap Ball

A new arcade game challenges you to swap between black and white as fast as you can.

Battle mythological creatures in the upcoming Epic of Kings

Prepare to enter a fantasy world where you will engage in epic battles using the most powerful weapons.

Move stealthily and sneak quickly as a Rogue Agent

A new strategy adventure pits you against agents that seem familiar and you must evade them to escape.

Explore a mystical world from a cardboard box in Sky Chasers

Embark on a great adventure with puzzles and danger around every corner.