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iphone game

The new arcade game Running Circles will have you spinning

Tap, move, and plan in this lively arcade game that will test your reflexes.

Celebrate Christmas with gifts and snow in Century City

Add a Santa statue, enjoy the festive scenery, and invest in new structures with a recent update to this casual city-building game.

Totes the Goat is set for endless, Qbert-style, hopping fun

Get ready for a new, endless, platform jumping adventure with silly characters and a lively theme.

Go Pogo, a pogo stick platformer from Nitrome, is on the way

Get ready to hop your enemies away with this upcoming pogo stick platformer.

Discover the mystery as you find a way out of Facility 47

Uncover clues, find useful tools, and explore the facility to discover its secret in this new puzzle adventure.

Good news, Telltale’s Game of Thrones will bring season two

Catch up now so you can be ready for season two of this episodic game series.

Use your plane’s energy as the ultimate Line Smasher

Avoid the enemy while you score in this new pick-up-and-play game.

Jessica Jones joins Marvel Future Fight for Black Friday

Prepare to play as a powerful new hero in this popular, action-packed adventure game.

A new puzzler Blendoku 2 lets you unwind as you blend colors

Relax while you blend colors in this new puzzler follow-up to Blendoku.

Free the universe in Sorus Shield, a Tetris-style puzzler

Aliens are invading and you need to use your light mines to save the universe in this new, shape-moving puzzle game.

Be an elephant or a rainbow, just hold tight in Goat Rider

Climb onto the goat’s back and go for a crazy ride in this fun, new game.

Black Boxes, the shade-combining, match-3 puzzler is coming

A new puzzler is headed our way that will bring a match-3 challenge with a twist.

A preview of Minecraft: Story Mode episode 3 is coming

Get ready for a sneak peek at the next episode in this decision-making adventure game.

Test your eyeballs and your memory in Color Match

This new memory game will challenge your color perception in a fun way.

Prepare to defend on the Apple Watch in the Castle Croc game

Save your castle from the crocodiles in this upcoming game for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Have fun learning to read music with the game Mozart 2 Pro

Learn to read music in an enjoyable game where you pick the instrument and score points as you pick up the notes.

Put your nose to your phone in the puzzler Progress to 100

If you never thought a puzzle game would make you do something silly, you haven’t tried this one yet.

Kill Shot Bravo will shoot onto the App Store soon

Gear up for another intense, first-person shooter in this sequel to the sniper game Kill Shot.

Leonardo’s Cat pounces onto the scene as a fun puzzle journey

Take the kids on an exciting adventure as they solve puzzles with great inventions.

How many can you rescue Five Minutes Before the world ends?

Get ready for an immersive, save and rescue mission in this upcoming futuristic flyer.

Get endless, cosmic, arcade action in a Starific new game

Save your star and score big in this new energetic, galactic adventure.

Now kids can spend a fun-filled day with Albert on Apple TV

Join Albert on his journey straight to your TV for fun adventures in the form of mini games.

Tell the kids, Toca Life: School is ringing the bell for fun

Join the team, pick out a locker, and get ready for a food fight in this fun, new game for kids.

Beat your pals in Nous, the multiplayer, mini game challenge

Test your memory, reflexes, and friends in this new multiplayer challenge where you never know which game will pop up next.