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iphone games

Game company Simogo tweets a tempting teaser

What kind of secretive game does Simogo have up its sleeve?

Etermax announces more Trivia Crack features and new games

Look forward to new features for your favorite trivia games along with a new one for kids.

7 spooky iPhone games to put you in the Halloween spirit

Get ready for the scariest night of the year with some creepy good fun.

Celebrate Halloween with QuickBoy and Seven Knights

Go trick-or-treating with sweet and scary holiday updates for these two Netmarble games.

Now you can take the Dave & Buster’s fun home with you

Win real prizes by scoring big with new games from Dave & Buster’s.

How to stay up to date with the newest games and deals from Big Fish

This app helps you find new favorites and use strategy guides for some great games.

New color domino game Reac makes you think and plan

Plan your moves carefully to create color chains in this new puzzler.

Strategize, defend and conquer in the new DomiNations game

Get ready for a new combat strategy experience, DomiNations is full of great challenges and rewards.

The Dragon’s Lair 30th Anniversary Game Arrives For iPhone

Dirk the Daring is back to once again tell his story.

In A Permanent Save State Fills You With Wonder And Sadness

Apple takes liberties with its rules and pulls an app that sheds light on skeletons in the closet.

We've Found Your Next Favorite iPhone Game

The App Store is full of great games that never make the front page, and we've found some of the best ones for you to try!

Get Hooked On Gaming With These Apps

The best games for people who don't normally play games.

Want To Be a Moonwalking Pop Sensation? There’s An App For That

Ubisoft has recently released a new app that may have you moonwalking around the house like a professional backup dancer.

AppList: iPhone Games Starter Kit

There are many games to choose from in the App Store, but which ones do you start with? This list is compiled of those games you don't want to do without. You don't want to be the only one who doesn't know what Angry Birds is, do you?

iPhone Users Beat The Competition When It Comes To Playing Games

It comes as no surprise that games are the most popular app category for smartphones. Now, the Nielsen Company has proven that iPhone users love their games, and even spend more hours playing per month than other smartphone users.

How Long Can You Survive Unicorns And Rainbows In Techno Kitten Adventure

Techno Kitten Adventure will complete your life! You will not stop laughing from beginning to … well, it doesn’t ever really end.

GDC 11: The Big Wrap-Up

After 22 GDC articles, we've finally reached the end. Click through for a round up of all the upcoming games.

GDC Kicks Off Today - Check Back For A Plethora Of Gaming News All Week

GDC '11 starts today, and we are there live. All week we will be giving you the latest and greatest news on upcoming games for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Win A Promo Code For Hungry Shark Part 3 - Spare Some Of Your Valentine’s Day Chocolates

You can win one of four promo codes for Hungry Shark Part 3 thanks to Future Games of London. Hope you have some Valentine's Day goodies to share with the Hungry Shark.

AppAdvice Will Be At GDC '11 - Let Us Know If You Will Be There

The Game Developer's Conference will take place February 28th to March 4th, and AppAdvice will be there to find out everything new about iOS gaming. If you're a developer or reader who would like to meet up please get in touch.

The Very Best iPhone Games Of 2010

We've taken the thousands of awesome iPhone games released in 2010 and narrowed them down to the 58 very best. What games made the list? What was left out? Click to find out!

Review: Kosmo Spin - It's The Most Important Meal Of The Day

A planet is in peril, and you need to save breakfast items from a UFO. Spin the planet to collect breakfast items, and bounce balls away from the planet. Think you're up to the task?

Review: Death Worm - There's A New Killer Worm In Town

Death Worm is the official port of the classic game by JTR, and brought to iOS devices by PlayCreek, makers of Stoneloops of Jurassica. It is now live in the App Store, but is it worth picking up. Also how does it compare to Super Mega Worm? It's time for a killer worm smackdown.

Reviews Updated: Mega Jump & Slice It!

Apps are updated all the time, and some of the time those updates are major enough to take another look at an app. That is the case with Mega Jump and Slice It!