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iPhone Keyboard

The TextBlade keyboard from WayTools brings a new typing experience to the iPhone or iPad

Weighing just 1.5 ounces, the collapsible keyboard’s space bar doubles as a battery pack.

Does The Spike Case Push Your Buttons?

The iPhone's virtual keyboard may be one of the best around, but if you still long for some physical buttons, check out the Spike case on Kickstarter.

Apple Seriously Thought About Having A Physical Keyboard On The iPhone

Former Apple VP Tony Fadell says Apple seriously considered using a physical keyboard on the first iPhone.

One Keyboard For Your Computer Or iPhone

Do you like the idea of using a keyboard with your iPhone or other iOS device? Matias has come out with a new keyboard called “One Keyboard” which allows you to connect to your Mac or PC, and iPhone all at the same time.

Type2Phone - Type Out Text For Your iPhone On A Mac

Type2Phone is a new Mac app that allows users to type out text on a Mac computer and have it appear on an iPhone handset instantly, via Bluetooth. The application, which I've been playing around with for the last half hour, works incredibly well and is something Apple fans will undoubtedly appreciate.

An Amazing Concept: SmartKeyboard - A Smart Cover Keyboard For Your iPhone

The iPhone doesn't feature a physical keyboard, and likely never will. However, one group of people are looking into creating a clip-on keyboard, which users could attach to their smart phone just like a Smart Cover. The accessory, called a "SmartKeyboard," is little more than a concept. However, as TUAW notes, it has potential.

Keyboard2: Is It For You?

Keyboard2 is a replacement keyboard app for your iPhone. It is designed to double the key size of the built in iPhone keyboard, with the goal of making it easier to type.

BlindType: It's A Keyboard, Jim, But Not As We Know It

If you find typing on the iPhone's virtual keyboard to be pretty much impossible some days, read on to find out about a great new fix that is currently in development...