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iPhone prototype

This Is What The First iPhone Could Have Looked Like

An early iPhone prototype was super large, included ports, and more.

What Would A 'Curvy' iPhone 4 Have Looked Like?

Apple's "shaped glass" iPhone design was ahead of its time.

Early iPhone and iPad Prototype Designs Surface

During Apple's ongoing legal battle with Samsung, some interesting iPhone and iPad prototype designs have surfaced.

More 64GB iPhone News: "Old" Handset Leaked From Foxconn, Hands On Video

According to a recent report, the 64GB iPhone 4 “engineering prototype” we told you about yesterday actually leaked from Foxconn. Furthermore, after examining its serial number, the prototype – which we now assume is real – appears to have been manufactured in early 2010.

Apple iPhone 4 64GB Prototypes Hit Chinese Gray Market?

A small quantity of 64GB iPhone 4 handsets have reportedly been sold in Sin Tak, one of the most renowned "gray markets" in Hong Kong. The sellers claim that these handsets, which run iOS 4.1 build 8B117, are authentic "engineering prototypes" made by Apple.