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iphone thefts

New York City Is A Safe Place To Be Without Your iPhone

Once again, iPhones are a popular target for thieves in New York City.

Criminals Love Stealing iPhones In New York City

New York City officials are once again blaming iPhone thefts for a rise in crime rates.

Activation Lock Will Help Protect Your iOS Device

Part of iOS 7, Activation Lock should make life more difficult for thieves.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Path's Sticky Fingers, Stolen iPhones And More

What's up with Path? This and other stories made news during the week that was.

Apple Isn't To Blame For Smartphone Thefts Despite What The Gray Lady Says

The New York Times is blaming Apple for iPhone thefts. Really?

POW! Increase In Major Crimes In Gotham Attributed To iDevice Thefts In The City

The mayor of New York City has a rising crime problem that he blames on iPhone thefts.