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ipod touch games

A big update to Letter Rain brings achievements and reusable raindrops

It’s raining letters and you have 60 seconds to create as many words as you can.

Crush those creepy crawlers in Spider Smash HD

Don’t let these giggling spiders get the best of you. Smash them as they run across the screen in this fun new game.

Knock one out of the park in the new sports game Watch This Homerun

How many homeruns can you hit? Test your batting skills with this new Apple Watch game.

Keep away from the walls in the new Flux: Evolution game

Are you looking for a new endless game? Keep your eye on the circle in this fast-paced challenge.

Strategize, defend and conquer in the new DomiNations game

Get ready for a new combat strategy experience, DomiNations is full of great challenges and rewards.

Remember The Clumsy Ninja Game Demoed By Apple Last Fall? It's Still Coming

After six months of silence, there is finally some new information about the Clumsy Ninja game.

GDC Kicks Off Today - Check Back For A Plethora Of Gaming News All Week

GDC '11 starts today, and we are there live. All week we will be giving you the latest and greatest news on upcoming games for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

AppAdvice Will Be At GDC '11 - Let Us Know If You Will Be There

The Game Developer's Conference will take place February 28th to March 4th, and AppAdvice will be there to find out everything new about iOS gaming. If you're a developer or reader who would like to meet up please get in touch.

The Very Best iPhone Games Of 2010

We've taken the thousands of awesome iPhone games released in 2010 and narrowed them down to the 58 very best. What games made the list? What was left out? Click to find out!

Review: Aliens Need Brains - Gyroscope Don't Fail Me Now

Aliens are invading, and you need to shoot them down. Luckily you have the gyroscope and retina display on your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 at your disposal. Click through to find out all about the game.

Apple Announces Game Center - Their Own Social Gaming Network

With Apple's OS 4.0 announcement they revealed Game Center. OpenFeint, Plus+, and Crystal respond: "Uh-oh"