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Apple Releases iTunes 11.0.5, iTunes 11.1 Beta: Addresses iTunes In The Cloud

Apple has released two new versions of iTunes: one for registered developers, and another for the rest of us.

AppAdvice Daily: We Take iRadio For A Test Drive

On today's AppAdvice Daily we are jamming out with today's iOS 7 quick pick, iRadio.

Apple Announces iTunes Radio, Its New Music Streaming Service

Apple has officially announced its "iTunes Radio" music streaming service on stage at the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

AppAdvice Is Live Blogging Today's WWDC Keynote

Once again, AppAdvice is live blogging today's WWDC keynote.

Apple's iOS 7 And iRadio All But Confirmed By WSJ And NYT On Eve Of WWDC

According to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, Apple is set to announce a redesign of iOS and a new music streaming service.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Preview And Predictions For WWDC '13

It has been eight long months since Apple last held an event that launched a new product or service. That will change tomorrow, June 10, when Apple CEO Tim Cook welcomes the technology world to this year’s WWDC in San Francisco, Calif.

Apple’s ‘iRadio’ Service Set To Debut Monday

Get ready to rock! Apple's iRadio service is coming -- finally.

Report Says iRadio Will Offer Both Audio Ads And Regular iAds

The service's main goal will apparently be to drive more song purchases in iTunes.

Apple's iAd Staff Preparing For New Ad-Supported iRadio Service

More news on Apple's anticipated music-streaming service "iRadio" has hit the Web.

Apple Closing iRadio Music Deals With Labels Ahead Of WWDC Keynote

According to one recent report, Apple is still aiming to announce its "iRadio" service at the company's forthcoming WWDC keynote.

WWDC 2013 Countdown: Three More Things Apple Should Announce In June

In our second of a four-part series, we take a look at what we'd like to see at next month's big conference.

Song Skipping Reportedly The Cause Of Halt In iRadio Negotiations

We've already heard that iRadio could be delayed. Now, a recent report notes that the issue concerns Apple and Sony Music, and "the economics of skipping songs."

Apple’s Streaming Preview Of Daft Punk’s New Album Leads To Free Download

Just because you can pirate an unreleased album, doesn’t mean you should.

Apple's 'iRadio' Is So Revolutionary Which Is Why It Could Be Delayed

Apple's new "iRadio" service could be revolutionary. Because of this, it could also be delayed.

Google Launches A Streaming Music Service, Leaving Apple In The Dust

Google just beat Apple in bringing a new streaming music service to market.

Amazon Could Launch Two Kindle Phones Plus A New Streaming Music Device

Amazon could release two Kindle Phones this year, as well as a streaming music device.

Apple's 'iRadio' Service Could Be Delayed As Music Labels Have Doubts About Latest Offer

Apple has been unable to sign streaming music contracts with Sony Music and Warner Music as WWDC nears.

WWDC 2013 Announced, Tickets Go On Sale Thursday, April 25

Apple has officially announced the Worldwide Developers Conference for 2013. The five-day event begins on Monday, June 10.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Is Twitter #Music Apple's iRadio Lite? Edition

Folks, we’re 16 weeks into 2013, and Apple has yet to announce a new product. Or have they?

Spotify Expanding Into Mexico, Hong Kong And Six Other Locations

Spotify is expanding into eight additional locations.

WWDC 2013 Tickets, Anyone?

Tickets for WWDC 2013 should be available very, very soon.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: A Courtship, Multiple iPhones And WWDC 2013

Apple's year so far has been unlike any in recent memory. However, that should soon change.

Updated: As Twitter Gets Ready To Play Their Own Music, Apple's iRadio Picks Up Key Support

The latest news on Apple's iRadio, and this weekend's possible launch of Twitter Music.

Apple Could Wow WWDC Audience With New Internet Service, ‘Killer’ New App

A key analyst believes that Apple will soon announce "killer" new products.