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IK Multimedia launches iRig 2 guitar interface for Apple's iOS devices

IK Multimedia has launched the anticipated sequel to its popular iRig device.

Musician’s Corner: iRig HD Connects Your Instrument With High-Quality Sound, A Hands-On Review

Check out our review of IK Multimedia’s newest guitar-to-iOS interface adapter.

Musician’s Corner: Shred Along To 'Peace Sells' With David Ellefson Rock Shop

If you’ve always wanted your bass guitar to sound like it belongs in Megadeth, there’s an app for that.

CES 2013: IK Multimedia Does Not Disappoint This Year With New Line of Products

IK Multimedia has a whole slew of new products coming out this year and we’ve got a first-look for you.

iWake With AppAdvice For Wednesday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Learn how to hook up a scanner in today's episode. Have a listen ...

CES 2012: IK Multimedia Announces Some New Accessories That Will Join Their iRig Lineup

Being demonstrated at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, IK Multimedia announced a new microphone, a mobile mixer, and a stompbox interface.

Today For Festivus: An iRig Mic For Your iDevice

More Festivus loot! Today we have a shiny, new iRig mic to give away.

Today For Festivus: An iRig Amplifier For Your iDevice

It's day eight of Festivus, and today we're giving away a rockin' iRig amplifier for your iDevice.