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itunes match

Apple boosts the song match limit for both iTunes Match and Apple Music

It looks like you can now match more tracks than before in iTunes Match and Apple Music.

Once again it's illegal to copy music to the cloud in the UK

It may be illegal again, but does that mean anything changes?

Apple is looking to increase the music library matching limit to 100,000 tracks

The company’s Eddy Cue says the limit could raised before the end of 2015.

Apple Music's biggest problem: it's not iTunes Match

If you are an iTunes Match subscriber, you need to read this.

Is Apple Music available in your country?

Here's where you can listen to Apple Music right now.

5 ways to free up your iPhone storage

Sick of not having enough storage on your iPhone? On today's show we are demonstrating five tips to help get your space back.

Can you ditch iTunes Match thanks to Apple Music?

Should iTunes Match customers dump the song matching service now that Apple Music is almost here?

A detailed look at iTunes Match: What it is and how it can make iTunes better for you

Three years after it debuted, we take another look at iTunes Match.

AppAdvice International: Angela Ahrendts, iTunes Match, iBeacons And More

Angela Ahrendts, iTunes Match, iBeacons, and more feature in this week's edition of AppAdvice International.

Apple's iTunes Match Is Now Available In Japan

Japanese iOS device owners can now enjoy the benefits of an iTunes Match subscription.

Ahead Of Anticipated iTunes Revamp, Apple Goes On A Hiring Spree

Apple's latest job advertisements suggest an iTunes refresh is indeed on the cards.

Report: Apple Is Considering A Drastic Overhaul Of The iTunes Music Store

The new iTunes Radio hasn't been able to spark life into music downloads.

AppAdvice International: China Mobile, iTunes Match And British Carriers

Join us for this week's edition of AppAdvice International.

Apple's iTunes Match Expands To Several Countries

According to recent reports, four more countries now have access to iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud.

WWDC 2013 Countdown: Four Things Apple Should Announce In June

Four weeks from today, Apple CEO Tim Cook will begin his WWDC Keynote. Here are four things we'd love to see announced on that day.

Apple Plans To Invest Heavily In iCloud As Membership Climbs To 250 Million

Apple plans to spend much more on iCloud this year.

Unfortunately, iCloud Services Are Again Down For Some Users

It is becoming another frustrating day for iMessage and FaceTime users. For the second time in as many days, iCloud is down for some users.

Apple Introduces iTunes In The Cloud For Movies In Six More Countries

Users in six additional countries can now download previously purchased movies via iTunes in the Cloud. Did your country make the list?

Coming This Fall, iTunes Match Streaming

Apple is making it easier to access your iTunes Match songs in iOS 6.0. Yes, music streaming in the native Music app is finally here.

Apple Launches iTunes Match Service In More Countries

Apple today is apparently launching iTunes Match in several new countries. The company’s song matching service is now available to users in Austria, Greece, and Italy, according to MacRumors.

Report: Apple Developing ‘Adaptive Streaming’ File Format

A new audio file format being developed by Apple will provide what is termed “adaptive streaming” with high- or low-quality files delivered to users of iCloud.

Still Confused About iTunes Match? Apple Explains It In Detail

Through iTunes Match, you can access your music from all your devices via iCloud. Apple now explains exactly how iTunes Match works, with a dedicated section on their site.