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iTunes Replay

Apple Now Streaming Red Hot Chili Peppers' Upcoming Album In iTunes - First Sign Of More To Come?

In a special promotion, Apple is now allowing users to an upcoming album free of charge right in iTunes.

We Asked, Vudu Listened, As Movie Streaming Service Comes To iPad

Vudu, the movie and television streaming service owned by Wal-Mart, has arrived for the iPad in a move that could significantly change the movie-viewing landscape on iDevices.

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

This week, AppAdvice told readers exclusively about iTunes Replay and its new magazine. Meanwhile, Skype for iPad finally arrived in some of the news making headlines in the week that was.

AppAdvice Daily: iTunes Replay Coming Soon, Skype For iPad, And Ibis Mail Giveaway

iTunes Replay coming soon, Skype for iPad is here, and win a free download for Ibis Mail for iPad, one of the best third party mail apps for the iPad.

Exclusive: Apple To Launch iTunes Replay In The Coming Weeks

Apple is prepparing to launch a new service to let you re-download old movies and TV-shows.