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itunes terms and conditions

I Read Apple's Updated iTunes Store Terms And Conditions So You Don't Have To

Apple has just amended the iTunes Store terms and conditions to include additional information regarding several features supported by iOS 7.

New iTunes Agreement Hints At Upcoming App Demo Strategy

Nothing's set in stone, but iTunes' new T&C indicates app demos are on the way.

Apple’s New Goodies: The Fine Print

Now that we’ve had time to absorb Apple’s WWDC keynote, it’s time to look at the fine print. With iCloud, Apple has revised its iTunes Terms and Conditions page, which each of us must accept before using iCloud. Naturally, the document’s primary focus is to spell out what we can and cannot do. It also includes one piece of information that could concern parents worried about in-app purchases being made by their children.

You've Agreed To A Lot By Using iTunes Store

What language is contained in the new Terms and Conditions page for iTunes? More than you might expect, according to