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ivanovich games

Popular 'Tetris with letters' word game Letris updated with new online multiplayer modes

The popular "Tetris with letters" word game Letris has just received another huge update.

Get A Little Mathematical To Overcome The Challenges In Numtris

The guys behind Letris are back at it again, except with numbers instead of letters, and it's proving to be quite an addictive little gem.

Crazy Bill Won’t Stop Until All Zombies Are Dead

Find the Zombie Star and earn enough money to get a killer weapon upgrade in this endless survival game.

Wozznic Combines Your Love Of Puzzles And Words Into One Challenging Game

Fans of words and puzzles can get their daily fill of both at once with this fun new word game from the makers of Letris.

Play Letris & Friends And Become The World’s Best Word Finder

Play Tetris-like word games against friends or strangers with this fun social app.

New Iteration Of Scrabble And Tetris Hybrid Game Brings Fire, Ice And More

Letris Power adds special powers and strategic missions to the franchise.

A Chance To Win An Operation Wow Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Ivanovich Games in order to offer you a chance to win one of five promo codes for Operation Wow for iPhone and iPod touch.

Time Geeks: Find All! Update Adds A Bunch Of New Challenges And Modes

Ivanovich Games' pixel art seek and find game, Time Geeks: Find All!, was recently updated to v2.0, which added a bunch of new challenges and game modes along with a brand new mini-game to unlock.