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Jailbreak tweak

Cydia Tweak: Easily Build On Safari Search Terms With Platinum

This new Cydia tweak makes it easier to search in the Safari iOS app.

Cydia Tweak: Ask Assistant Sets Activator Actions For Siri Commands

Ask Assistant is a new jailbreak tweak that can improve your relationship with Siri.

Enable Private Browsing Inside Of Safari With This New Jailbreak Tweak

This new tweak may not add anything exciting to your device, but it does give you the convenience of browsing privately without a trip to the Settings app.

Jailbreak Only: iPhoto501Fix - Make iPhoto Compatible With iOS 5.0.1

If you've installed iPhoto on your iOS 5.0.1-powered iOS device you'll find that iPhoto, as it's not compatible with iOS 5.0.1, is a little buggy and crashes rather a lot. Fortunately, a new jailbreak tweak which has the power to smooth-out these compatibility issues has hit the Cydia Store, and is available to download for free.

Jailbreak Only: ActionSlider - Perform A Number Of Actions From Notification Center

A brand-new jailbreak tweak called ActionSlider allows jailbreakers to perform a number of actions right from Notification Center.

Jailbreak Only: Plugication - Resume Music Upon Connecting Headphones To Your Device

A new jailbreak tweak called Plugication has just hit the Cydia Store, which allows users to have their iPhone automatically resume playing music when their headphones are re-connected to their iOS device.

Jailbreak Only: NCControl - Control Your iPhone While Viewing Notification Center

A new jailbreak tweak called NCControl allows users to enable and view Notification Center, while also interacting with whatever iOS app they had previously launched.

Jailbreak Only: RecognizeMe, Facial Recognition Tweak Improved

RecognizeMe, the facial recognition tweak for iOS has just received a very significant update.

Jailbreak Only: WeeTrackData - Keep An Eye On Your Data Consumption

If you're in danger of being hit by AT&T's data throttling, consider keeping track of your data consumption using the WeeTrackData Notification Center widget.

Jailbreak Only: NCColors - Customize Your Notification Center's Background

If you want to spice-up Notification Center, consider downloading and installing NCColors. This new jailbreak tweak allows users to customize the appearance of iOS 5's Notification Center using RGB sliders and the results, as you can see in the above image, aren't half bad.

Jailbreak Only: SwipeShiftCaret - Swipe To Move Your Cursor A Single Space

A jailbreak tweak called SwipeShiftCaret allows jailbreakers to move their cursor a single space, either left or right, by simply swiping at their iPhone's screen.

Cast Harry Potter Spells On Your iPhone Using MyAssistant Jailbreak Tweak

If you love Harry Potter and rock a jailbroken iPhone, by using the recently released MyAssistant tweak plus Activator it's possible to enchant one's iPhone 4S via a series of custom Siri commands!

Jailbreak Only: ZeppelinLogoPack - Adds Even More Carrier Logos To The iPhone

Not long ago we told you about Zeppelin - a jailbreak tweak that allows users to replace their carrier's name with one of several custom logos (as I'm sure you'll remember, I opted for the iconic Bat-Signal). Now, a jailbreak package called ZeppelinLogoPack has hit the Cydia Store which, as its name suggests, adds additional custom logos to the Zeppelin jailbreak tweak.

Jailbreak Only: iOSOpenDev Now Available To Download For OS X

A Mac application that allows users to develop jailbreak tweaks in an Xcode-like interface is now available to download.

Jailbreak Only: Springtomize 2 Updated - Adds Support For iPad, iOS 5

The popular springboard customization tweak - Springtomize 2 - has recently been updated, and is now compatible with both the iPad and iOS 5. Furthermore, a number of minor changes, bug fixes and improvements have also been made in the update for the $2.99 tweak, which is available to download now in the Cydia Store.

Jailbreak Only: Overachiever Can Auto-Fill Your Game Center Achievements

If you want Game Center achievements but can't be bothered to earn them, download Overachiever. This jailbreak tweak allows users to cheat at iOS app achievements, auto-filling users' Game Center profile with achievements they haven't actually earned.

Jailbreak Only: Bookstand - Combine Your iBooks Content With Newsstand [Update: Available Now]

Bookstand is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows jailbreakers to combine their iBooks content with Newsstand.

Jailbreak Only: MyAssistant (MySiri) - Now Available In The Cydia Store

That impressive Siri-enhancing jailbreak tweak we told you about a couple of days ago has launched in the Cydia Store, but under a different name. The package - "MyAssistant" - can be downloaded and installed on a jailbroken iPhone for just $0.99, and promises through customization options to hugely improve the Siri experience.

Jailbreak Only: Animate Fix - Custom Boot Logos For iOS 5

Jailbreak developer iH8sn0w has recently launched a new tweak in the Cydia Store - "animate fix" - which allows jailbreakers to install custom boot logos on their iOS 5-powered handset.

Jailbreak Only: MySiri - Deep Siri Customization, Coming Soon

Though plenty of Siri-enhancing jailbreak tweaks have appeared in the Cydia Store, an upcoming tweak called "MySiri" looks rather different - and something worth getting excited about. Once installed, the tweak allows users to do almost anything with the virtual assistant because with MySiri, it's possible to make custom Siri commands.

Jailbreak Only: SwitcherSettings Updated - Adds Support For iPad, iOS 5

Jailbreak fans who've abandoned SBSettings for SwitcherSettings - an alternative tweak we told you about last June - will be pleased to hear that the package has recently received an update, adding support for both the iPad and iOS 5 while making a number of other changes, also.

Jailbreak Only: AssistantExtensions - The Ultimate Jailbreak Tweak For Siri

If you've been looking for an ultimate, all-in-one Siri-enhancing jailbreak tweak for your iPhone 4S handset, look no further. A new package to recently appear in the Cydia Store - called AssistantExtensions - transforms Siri from a humble personal assistant, into mighty, powerful digital butler ready to undertake almost any potential task.

Jailbreak Only: ColorBanner - Change The Appearance Of Your Banner Notifications

It's been a crazy week for jailbreakers, what with the launch of Absinthe for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. As a result, a lot of great tweaks have hit the Cydia Store hard. Now, one such package - called ColorBanner - has come to our attention. The tweak, once downloaded and installed, allows jailbreak fans to customize the color of notification banners: it's possible to change both the background color and the font color quickly and easily.

Jailbreak Only: Upcoming Tweak To Allow Siri-Powered Tweeting

Though Siri-powered tweeting isn't something we can do officially on our iPhone 4S handsets, one jailbreak tweak - to be released before the end of the week - promises to add the ability.