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jailbreak tweaks

Zephyr Jailbreak Tweak Updated With Notification Center-Style Grabbers

Zephyr's latest update adds a great new feature that's useful and pretty.

Jailbreak Only: Chromizer Brings Added Functionality To Chrome On iOS

Chromizer brings fullscreen support, Pull to Refresh, and improved tab switching to Chrome on iOS.

Jailbreak Only: Change Your Default Browser With BrowserChooser

Loving Google's Chrome app? This jailbreak tweak lets you give Safari the boot.

Jailbreak Only: FacebookThis Brings Facebook Photo Sharing To iOS 5

Can't wait for iOS 6 to get some Facebook integration in iOS? FacebookThis brings the goods a little early.

Jailbreak Only: MountainLionCenter Brings OS X Inspired Notification Center To iPad

This tweak brings a welcome change to the iPad's Notification Center.

Jailbreak Only: SpotLock Lets You Lock Your iDevice By Swiping To Spotlight Search

If you don't mind sacrificing Spotlight search on your iDevice, check out this jailbreak tweak.

Jailbreak Only: Five Overlooked iOS 5 Jailbreak Tweaks

These jailbreak tweaks make some of iOS 5's features even better.

Jailbreak Only: Quickly Turn Text Smileys Into Emoji With SMSmileys

Do you use Emoji often? Hate switching to a separate keyboard just for them? SMSmileys is a new tweak that is here to fix that.

iWake With AppAdvice For Friday Now Available

Good morning! Today's episode of iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

Jailbreak Only: ZoomIsBack! - Tap To Zoom Makes A Triumphant Return To The Camera App

Back in iOS 4, it was possible to zoom in the Camera app by double-tapping an iOS device's screen. However, in iOS 5 Apple removed the feature, replacing it with pinch-to-zoom which, in all honesty, isn't that practical. Now, a new jailbreak tweak called "ZoomIsBack!" brings iOS 4's tap-to-zoom feature to iOS 5.

Jailbreak Only: SpringBoard Invaders - A Classic Retro Game, Right On Your SpringBoard

The other day, we drew your attention to a jailbreak tweak that allowed users to play a game of Breakout on their SpringBoard, without even launching an app. Now, another tweak has come to our attention (via iPhone Download Blog), which offers a similar experience, Space Invaders-style.

Cydia Search: New Online Service Lets You Search For Jailbreak Packages In A Desktop Browser

Cydia Search is a new service brought to jailbreak fans by Planet-iPhones, which allows users to search for jailbreak packages via a desktop browser.

Jailbreak Only: IconSpiral - A Better Way To Display SpringBoard Icons?

IconSpiral is a new jailbreak tweak that is currently in its beta stage of development. Once installed, IconSpiral will display your app icons in a huge spiral, which users can then navigate through. Read on to find out more ...

Jailbreak Only: CallLock - Fix Proximity Sensor Problems Forever

CallLock is a recently updated jailbreak tweak which promises to solve the proximity sensor problem once and for all. Read on to find out more ...