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Coolest Jailbreak Hack Ever? Celeste Transforms iOS File Sharing

With each iOS update, Apple gets closer to creating the perfect smart phone. Of course, there are still some things that an iPhone cannot do. One of those is the ability to send and receive files using Bluetooth technology. However, thanks to a new jailbreak hack called Celeste, that ability is now a reality.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Coming Soon: The Ultimate Jailbreaking Guide

Jailbreaking has been getting more and more popular, updates are quite frequent, and there are always new Cydia applications and themes, so how do you keep track of everything? You soon will be able to, but we need your help! Read on to find out how.

Mitchell James

Apple TV Jailbreak Is Possible, Achieved Through SHAtter Exploit

We've just heard that an Apple TV jailbreak is possible using the same SHAtter exploit we told you about some time ago. The exploit, which will soon be able to jailbreak every iDevice ever, is also compatible with Apple TV. As this device is app-less, owners will undoubtedly appreciate the option of jailbreaking. Read on to find out more...

Joe White

Want An iPhone? You Need AT&T

U.S. consumers that hoped to buy an iPhone 4 without a contract are now out of luck. Apple is no longer allowing any purchases without a contract with AT&T. Read more...

Bryan M. Wolfe