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Evasi0n Is The Fastest-Adopted Jailbreaking Method Ever

Almost 7 million iOS device users have installed the untethered jailbreak since it was released Monday.

Cydia Founder Addresses Outtages Caused By Evasi0n Jailbreak

Cydia has a message for new jailbreak users: Things are about to get better after evasi0n caused systemwide outages.

Updated: Preparing For The iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak

The iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak should launch very shortly. However, iDownloadBlog suggests this jailbreak isn't necessarily for everyone and here's why.

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak Possible, Apple TV 3 Less Likely

An untethered jailbreak is possible for Apple TV 2. Apple TV 3's future is not so bright.

iWake With AppAdvice For Wednesday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. The nearly 20 year old Apple Newton is far from dead! Have a listen ...

Jailbroken iDevices Spoof Apple Servers, Run Siri

Good news, jailbreakers: Siri services are up and running on both the iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod touch.

An iDevice Tweak As Simple As I, II and III

A new jailbreak tweak lets you change how your app badge numbers look. RomanBadge changes the numbers on your iDevice’s home screen to Roman Numeral, according to news first reported by iDownloadBlog.

Facebook For iPad Has Arrived - Hiding Inside The iPhone Version

Facebook for iPad has been released without anyone noticing. Yes, it's hiding inside the iPhone app!

A Day After Launch, JailbreakMe 3.0 Has Already Unlocked Over A Million "Evil" iDevices!

A million downloads in less than a day has comex' latest travails properly justified.

"PhoneIt-iPad" Now Available For Jailbroken iPads, Makes Your Tablet A Big Cell Phone

If you've got a jailbroken iPad 1, you've got a potential cellphone (but not in your pocket).

Jailbreakers Show Verizon iPhone Owners Some Love

For Verizon iPhone customers, there is now an untethered jailbreak just for you. Courtesy Sn0wbreeze 2.6.1, this jailbreak is for Verizon users on iOS 4.2.7. The directions, which we’ve included here, were first published by the folks at TiPb.

Backing Up iDevices Without Needing iTunes (How-To)

Backing up data from your iDevice wirelessly and automatically is now possible, using a simple set of instructions. This could make using syncing your iDevice to iTunes a thing of the a point.

Has Apple Infiltrated The Jailbreak Community?

Has Apple found a way to penetrate the jailbreaking world thereby being able to shutdown iOS exploits before or soon after they are released? This is the opinion of one influential jailbreaker.

Apple Really Dislikes Jailbreakers And Here's The Latest Example

How much does Apple actually dislike those that help users jailbreak their iDevices? Apparently quite a bit.

Coolest Jailbreak Hack Ever? Celeste Transforms iOS File Sharing

With each iOS update, Apple gets closer to creating the perfect smart phone. Of course, there are still some things that an iPhone cannot do. One of those is the ability to send and receive files using Bluetooth technology. However, thanks to a new jailbreak hack called Celeste, that ability is now a reality.

Moving Photos To Social Networking Sites Is A Breeze With iSocialShare

A new tweak called iSocialShare allows users of jailbroken iDevices to share photos to social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. The process is incredibly fast and happens within the Photo app on the iPhone/iPod touch or iPad.

First Jailbreak Convention To Be Held In September

The jailbreak community will have a place to call home this fall. The world’s first iPhone/iPod touch and iPad community convention has been announced.

Coming Soon: The Ultimate Jailbreaking Guide

Jailbreaking has been getting more and more popular, updates are quite frequent, and there are always new Cydia applications and themes, so how do you keep track of everything? You soon will be able to, but we need your help! Read on to find out how.

Jailbreaking vs. Pirating: What's The Difference?

Jailbreaking and pirating, what's the difference? If you don't know the difference, or are still confused by these two concepts, I suggest you take a look at this article.

Jailbreak Only: aTV Flash Beta Now Available

Fire Core has released the first beta of aTV Flash for the second generation Apple TV. ATV Flash enhances your Apple TV by installing new plugins and codec support ...

Apple TV Jailbreak Is Possible, Achieved Through SHAtter Exploit

We've just heard that an Apple TV jailbreak is possible using the same SHAtter exploit we told you about some time ago. The exploit, which will soon be able to jailbreak every iDevice ever, is also compatible with Apple TV. As this device is app-less, owners will undoubtedly appreciate the option of jailbreaking. Read on to find out more...

Simple Way Around Issues & Downtime

For those users that have attempted to visit the in the U.S. and are having problems, we have a great tip for you! Read More...

Want An iPhone? You Need AT&T

U.S. consumers that hoped to buy an iPhone 4 without a contract are now out of luck. Apple is no longer allowing any purchases without a contract with AT&T. Read more...