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Jawbone UP

Apple removes Jawbone and Nike fitness bands from retail stores

Ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch, the company's retail stores are removing Nike and Jawbone fitness bands from stock.

Jawbone launches online marketplace for UP-integrated devices and apps

The Jawbone Marketplace is a one-stop shop for devices and subscriptions to apps highlighted by the Jawbone team.

Review: Withings' Pulse Offers iDevice Users A Different Kind Of Activity Monitor

Unlike the Nike+ FuelBand, Flex, Force, UP, or UP24, this activity monitor isn't always worn at the wrist.

Jawbone’s New UP24 Tracker Features Bluetooth 4.0 Technology For Wireless Syncing

Version 3.0 of the companion app has also hit the App Store and is highlighted by real-time data and coaching.

BodyWise Can Improve More Than 40 Areas Of Your Life

BodyWise is a one-of-a-kind app that allows you to track your progress in over 40 areas of your health and wellness.

Five Ways Apple Can Make The ‘iWatch’ A Success

The iWatch could be coming. Here are five things Apple should do to make it a success.

FitNow Is Giving Users More Reasons To Lose It!

The popular Lose It! fitness app has received another update.

Jawbone's UP Fitness Band Now Works With 10 More Apps As New Platform Launches

Jawbone has announced a new UP platform to get us even more in shape.

The Jawbone UP Is Now Available In Europe And On Android

It's time for Europe to get UP as the popular fitness- and sleep-tracking wristband launches.

Jawbone Recommits To UP As Second Generation Wristband Launches

One of the more promising iPhone accessories of 2011 is back. UP, the fitness- and sleep-tracking wristband accessory by Jawbone, is once again on sale.

iWake With AppAdvice For Friday Now Available

Good morning! Today's jumbo sized iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

Amid Hardware Failures Jawbone Announces UP Users Can Get Their Money Back And Keep The Bracelet

Many users of the Jawbone have run into problems with their device, things such as syncing and charging issues. Hosain Rahman, the CEO of Jawbone issued a statement today to the UP community stating that users can get a full refund for their bracelet, and still keep using it.

On Second Thought, Perhaps The Jawbone UP Isn’t Ready For Prime Time

Two weeks after receiving my Jawbone UP and one week after offering a mostly positive review on the iPhone/iPod touch accessory, comes some additional information worth passing on to our readers. Many Jawbone UP customers are reporting significant problems with their $99 accessory. In fact, Jawbone has apparently become so concerned, it has responded to customers about these problems via its UP Community board.

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

The Kindle Fire better than the iPad? George Clooney as Steve Jobs? iOS 5.1 arriving soon? These and other questions were (almost) answered during the week that was.

Nine Days In, My Jawbone UP Review

Folks, it’s been nine days since I began using the Jawbone UP, the celebrated iPhone accessory that is supposed to change the lives of those that use it. Today, I render my verdict on both the wristband and the free app.

After iDevice Accessories Come Appcessories

Earlier this week, Jawbone introduced its UP wristband, the latest in a line of new appcessories, which work directly with the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad via third-party apps. Now, Apple is said to be readying new “appcessory” locations in future Apple Retail Stores

How Does The New Jawbone UP Wristband Perform? We’ve Got Some Answers

Jawbone has finally released their new fitness bracelet, the Jawbone UP. After a couple of days with my device, here are some initial thoughts on how well it performs.

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

The iPhone 3GS, Siri, and something called the Jawbone UP made news this week. Enjoy a review of the week that was.

Track Your Lifestyle Habits With An Amazing System By Jawbone

Jawbone, the maker of Bluetooth headsets and the awesome sounding Jambox, is moving into an unexpected area: Lifestyle habits and fitness. Odd isn’t it? But it sure is an interesting concept, and leave it to Jawbone to figure it out.