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Jawbone UP

On Second Thought, Perhaps The Jawbone UP Isn’t Ready For Prime Time

Two weeks after receiving my Jawbone UP and one week after offering a mostly positive review on the iPhone/iPod touch accessory, comes some additional information worth passing on to our readers. Many Jawbone UP customers are reporting significant problems with their $99 accessory. In fact, Jawbone has apparently become so concerned, it has responded to customers about these problems via its UP Community board.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Nine Days In, My Jawbone UP Review

Folks, it’s been nine days since I began using the Jawbone UP, the celebrated iPhone accessory that is supposed to change the lives of those that use it. Today, I render my verdict on both the wristband and the free app.

Bryan M. Wolfe

After iDevice Accessories Come Appcessories

Earlier this week, Jawbone introduced its UP wristband, the latest in a line of new appcessories, which work directly with the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad via third-party apps. Now, Apple is said to be readying new “appcessory” locations in future Apple Retail Stores

Bryan M. Wolfe