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Jobs: Get Inspired

Kutcher And Co-Stars Snapped Filming jOBS Biopic At Steve's Family Home

Already, we've heard that scenes from the upcoming 'jOBS: Get Inspired' biopic (starring Ashton Kutcher) were to be filmed at Steve Jobs' family home in Los Altos, CA. Now, pictures of Kutcher and his co-stars at the Jobs residence have hit the Web, providing us with a first glimpse of several of the other characters that feature in the biopic.

Joe White

Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs Movie To Begin Shooting In The Original Garage

Already, we've seen pictures of Ashton Kutcher in his black-tutleneck-blue-jeans costume for the upcoming "jOBS: Get Inspired" TV movie adaptation of the Apple co-founder's life. Now, we've heard that the movie is to begin filming in the actual house where Jobs was born - and better still, will include scenes in the garage were Jobs and Wozniak put together the first Apple computer, according to Apple Insider.

Joe White