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John Gruber

Review roundup: what kind of splash has the iPad Pro made?

Let's take a look at what reviewers are starting to say about the iPad Pro before you go buy one.

Apple columnist John Gruber offers an interesting new perspective on Apple Watch pricing

The well-respected writer now believes that one variant of the Apple Watch Edition could cost $20,000.

Vesper note-taking app updated to let you easily view timestamps and word counts

Vesper's new feature lets you see the date created, date modified, and character or word count for a note.

Daring Fireball's John Gruber hints at September unveiling for Apple's 'iWatch'

Apple may unveil its so-called "iWatch" as early as next month.

John Gruber Confirms License To Sync Is Coming To Vesper, But Not Anytime Soon

The simple and elegant note-taking app Vesper is set to gain its most-requested feature: sync.

Capture Your Thoughts Without Friction With Vesper

Looking for a painless way to jot down notes with images on your iPhone? The latest from John Gruber may or may not work for you.

Apple Reportedly Pulling OS X 10.9 Engineers To Work On Behind-Schedule iOS 7

With iOS 7 running behind, Apple is rumored to be pulling engineers from its OS X 10.9 team.

The Purported iPad mini Is Far From A Lowly 7-Inch Tablet

Apple's iPad mini is a lot bigger than you probably thought.

John Gruber Claims Apple Is Currently Testing The Rumored 'iPad mini'

Apple insider John Gruber says the iPad mini is currently undergoing tests in Cupertino.

Daring Fireball's John Gruber Talks Last-Minute WWDC 2011 Expectations

John Gruber waxes optimistic about tomorrow's iCloud and iOS 5 announcements.

Gruber: Apple To Announce DropBox-Killer Service Today?

It seems that the very well plugged-in John Gruber from DaringFireball has heard a bit more than us regarding what might be coming at today's Apple Event. Apple might be planning to release some sort of cloud service, either today or in the near future.