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Day One 2 brings an even more streamlined journaling experience

Day One 2 is everyone's favorite journaling app rebuilt from the ground-up.

How to switch to Day One Sync for journaling

Day One Sync is now available, here's how to get going with it.

Day One For iOS Gets An Update Bringing 'Publish' To The iPad

Day One Publish has reached Apple's iPad thanks to a recent app update.

Keep Track Of Anything About Yourself Using Reporter

Reporter is the best tool for lifelogging, and we have no doubt about it.

Consolidate Your Notes, Journal, Voice Memos, And Tasks With Notebooks 7

This powerful app will consolidate all of your important notes and tasks in a single place with lots of options for customizing the experience.

Keep A Short Log Of Everyday Moments With Kennedy

Kennedy is one of the simplest journaling apps around, requiring little time on your part. Will this app get you to start logging moments?

Journaling Gets Automated With Heyday

Journaling is made easy thanks to Heyday.

Journaling Gets Simplified With Narrato Journal

This gorgeous journal makes it easy to keep a record of your life on-the-go.

Update Your Journal With These iPad Apps

This AppGuide focuses on apps that mimic the form and function of a traditional journal or diary.

Get Inspired To Keep A Daily Journal On Your iPhone With Grid Diary

Get motivated to keep a daily record of your life with this sleek journaling app.

Tweetary Turns Your Twitter Into Your Own Private Diary

Love Twitter, but wish you could privately annotate some of the tweets that you see without others seeing it? Tweetary does just that, as it combines a private journal with your Twitter accounts.

Don't Draw A Blank As You Jot Down Everything In Blank - Journal,Note

Are you still looking for a note-taking app that fits your needs? If so, then maybe Blank - Journal,Note is for you.

Focus On The Bare Essentials With Note.S : Daily Journal

If you are looking for a simple but elegant note and journal app, then this app could fill that need.

Capture 365 Journal PRO Is Lacking The 'Pro' Feeling

It seems that journaling apps have been blossoming all over the App Store lately. But how does this one compare to the rest?

Keep A Digital Scrapbook On Your iPhone With Flava - Plus, Win A Copy!

Do you like the idea of a "digital scrapbook" of your best moments right on your iPhone? Then this app may be your kind of "flava."

My Wonderful Days Makes Keeping A Journal Easier Than Ever

Sometimes keeping a journal is hard to keep up with everyday. How about an app that makes the process simpler by just asking you "How was your day?"

QuickAdvice: Keep a Personal Journal on Your iPad with Chronicle

If you need a good journaling app for your iPad, then Chronicle may just be what you need. Read on to find out more...

QuickAdvice: Record Life Moments On-the-Go with Chronicle on iPhone

Ever want to record your memories but don't want to carry around paper and pen or use a computer all the time for it, and rather your iPhone? Chronicle for iPhone is a journaling app to help you record memories, but is it worthy of being on your device? Read on to find out..