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Kairosoft Co. Ltd

Kairosoft goes meta with Kairobotica

Kairosoft gives their mascot plenty of love with Kairobotica, their latest simulation game.

Become A Master Of Traveling Overseas In World Cruise Story

Get your captain's hat on and be ready to control an entire cruise ship in this simulation game.

Now You Can Live Your Dream Of Being A Landlord In Kairosoft's Dream House Days

Manage your own apartment complex and control the destinies of your tenants with the latest simulation from Kairosoft.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For April 12, 2012

Come check out what our favorite game is for the week!

Manage Teams And Negotiations In Pocket League Story

In the latest Kairosoft title, you take the role of a soccer team owner. It’s up to you to hire players, schedule games, partner with sponsors, and train your team, while negotiating just about every step of the way.

Rewrite The History Of An Edo Period Japan In Oh! Edo Towns

Another Kairosoft simulation game, another addiction. This time, you'll be building your own ideal samurai town in Edo period Japan. Do you have what it takes to be the best domain in the land?

It's Time To Hit The Track With Grand Prix Story

Kairosoft has just released another simulation game -- this time, you're in charge of managing your own racing team for the Grand Prix.

Build Your Dream Mall In Mega Mall Story

Kairosoft has done it yet again. This time, build your own dream mall and crush the competition.