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The Oree Board 2 keyboard is made from a single piece of premium wood

Compatible with a Mac or iPad, the keyboard can even be customized with engraved text.

Fleksy update brings 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s and more

In the spirit of the season, version 7.5 also offers a free festive holiday theme pack.

SwiftKey's latest update adds support for iOS 9.1's new emoji

Grab SwiftKey's latest update and start using iOS 9.1's new emoji in every available message!

Zombify your iOS device in time for Halloween with Zemoji

Zemoji can bring a touch of the undead to your iOS keyboard.

Put away your reading glasses with Viskey

If you struggle to see the keys when typing on your device, try this new, larger keyboard.

Redesigned iOS9 keyboard hints at an 'iPad Pro'

A hidden keyboard in iOS 9 appears to prove the "iPad Pro" is coming soon.

How to save typing time with OftenType

Tired of typing the same text messages or phrases in your emails over and over? OftenType can help save you time with preset words and phrases.

Doodle Keyboard lets you hand draw your text messages

Now you can doodle or jot a note in a text message with this new iOS keyboard.

Alternative third party keyboard apps for iOS 8

Customize your iOS 8 keyboard with these third party apps.

SlideCut Is A New Jailbreak Tweak That Brings Clever Keyboard Shortcuts To iOS

SlideCut is a useful jailbreak tweak that big time iOS typists should appreciate.

Cydia Tweak: KeyShortcut Brings Copy, Paste And Select All To The iOS Keyboard

KeyShortcut is a jailbreak tweak we'd like Apple to officially implement within its iOS.

Cydia Tweak: Add More Than 800 New Symbols To The iOS Keyboard With Vmoji 7

Vmoji 7 does more than just add additional characters to the iOS keyboard.

Cydia Tweak: Add A Useful Extra Row To Your iOS Keyboard With exKey

If you're hoping to enhance your iOS keyboard, consider downloading exKey.

Review: Get The Most Out Of Your iPad With The ZAGGKeys Folio Keyboard Case

ZAGG's ZAGGKeys Folio can turn your iPad Air into a netbook-like product that offers the power of iOS.

ClamCase Pro For iPad mini Is Now Available To Order Online

ClamCase Pro is now available to order for Apple's iPad mini.

Cydia Tweak: Have Your iDevice Always Launch The Dark Keyboard With Bloard

Don't like the light iOS keyboard? Join the dark side with Bloard.

Updated AppGuide: Best Computer Mouse Controlling Apps

These awesome apps will provide an easy way to use your iPhone as a wireless keyboard or mouse.

Emojify Your Photos Into Interesting Works Of Art

Who knew emoji were useful outside of iMessage? This app will put them to good use.

Logitech Announces Classroom-Friendly Wired Keyboard For iPad

Logitech's upcoming accessory aims to be the first keyboard "specially designed for the classroom."

EX Hybrid Game Controller Turns Your iPhone Into A Sidekick And Joypad In One

Get the most out of your iPhone 5 with this keyboard/gamepad hybrid case.

New Apple TV Beta Software Adds Bluetooth Support For Wireless Keyboards

Apple TV users will soon be able to connect Bluetooth wireless keyboards to their set-top box.

Messages Now Auto-Selects International Keyboards For Specific Contacts

Another new feature in iOS 6 involves the Messages app.

Jailbreak Only: BeeKeyboard - Customizable Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts

This upcoming jailbreak tweak allows users to create customizable Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts.