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kindle fire

Op-Ed: Next Issue Needs To Show iOS And Mac Users More Love

As Next Issue expands, this Apple user is starting to complain.

Tired Of Your Kindle? NextWorth Is Offering A Pre-Black Friday Deal On Your Trade In

You can now get 50 percent more for your Kindle at NextWorth.

Apple And Amazon Claim A Victim As Barnes & Noble Gives Up On The NOOK Tablet

Barnes & Noble will no longer produce NOOK color tablets.

Opinion: Sometimes Even Apple Fans Must Wade Into The Android Ecosystem

There are times when some of us have no choice but to buy an Android-based tablet.

Did The Kids Already Find The iPad mini Under The Christmas Tree?

Make sure that the packaging on that iPad mini under the tree is secure. It looks like many have already been playing with their new device.

Why I’m Buying An iPad mini And Not An iPad With Retina Display

Call me crazy, but I'll be standing in line for an iPad mini next week, and not an iPad with Retina display. Here is why.

How The iPad Mini Could Change Everything

The sky isn't falling, even if Android-based tablets overtake iPad. Still, the iPad Mini could change everything.

Apple May Have No Choice But To Enter A Tablet Pricing War

Amazon's aggressive tablet pricing may finally mean less expensive iPads are coming.

NFL Fans Get A First Look At A Pair Of Second-Generation Kindle Fires

Amazon doesn't keep secrets as they release a new ad showing the still-to-be announced Kindle Fire 2.0.

Amazon’s Newest Kindles Could Be Unveiled Sept. 6, Six Days Before Apple's iPad Mini May Arrive

A second-generation Kindle Fire will likely be announced on Sept. 6.

Amazon Launches Their Own Game Center For Kindle Fire

Amazon launches GameCircle, taking on Apple's own Game Center.

Welcome To The Smartphone Market, Amazon

Where there's smoke ... Amazon expected to launch first Kindle Phone.

The iPad Mini Is Apparently Marching Closer To Reality

It’s time to face the facts. The iPad mini is coming.

Launch Of Google's Nexus 7 Tablet All But Guarantees Apple Will Unveil An iPad 'mini' This Fall

There is no way Apple will let Google's Nexus 7 become a success; look for an iPad "mini" to arrive soon.

Nexus 7 Will Compete With iPad On Price But Not On Paper

Google's budget tablet is arguably the best 7-inch solution on the market, but it's not in iPad's league.

Is The iPad 2 What Slowed The Kindle Fire?

Last fall, the technology world was proclaiming that a true iPad competitor was born in Amazon’s Kindle Fire. However, six months after the tablet arrived, its popularity has waned almost to the point of obscurity. Apple’s lower priced iPad 2 is to blame, says All Things Digital.

Was Apple Behind Target's Decision To Stop Selling Amazon's Kindle Line?

Target today confirmed they are phasing out Kindles and Amazon- and Kindle-branded products. This news, which was original reported by The Verge, ends as the retailer plans to roll out Apple “mini-stores” later this year. Coincidence?

Amazon Officially Enters In-App Purchase Market

As expected, Amazon is joining Apple and Google in offering their mobile customers the ability to make in-app purchases. The world’s largest online retailer’s in-app purchase marketplace arrives today for customers and developers.

Amazon's Ecosystem Growing Up, As Company Prepares To Offer In-App Purchases

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, could soon enter the highly profitable in-app purchase market, according to Bloomberg News.

Foxconn To Manufacture 10-Inch Kindle Fire As Amazon Limits 7-Inch Production

Amazon is cutting production of the original Kindle Fire as Foxconn starts work on the 10-inch version.

The iPad Market Share Dips In Part To Strong iPhone Sales

Apple's toughest competition in the fourth quarter tablet market was an interesting one: the company itself.

Apple Reportedly Testing iPad With Smaller Screen

The fabled iPad mini apparently is not dead yet. After years of rumors and speculation that Apple would offer a tablet in a size other than the familiar 9.7-inch form factor, a report in The Wall Street Journal today says that Apple and suppliers are testing a tablet with a smaller screen.

Tim Cook Unmoved By Potential Kindle Fire "Threat"

Tim Cook has seen no effect on iPad sales since Amazon's launch of their Kindle Fire.

Research Firm Estimates Tablet/e-Reader Market Doubled Over Last Month

The tablet market is obviously booming, but this data's just plain absurd.