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Muuzii partners with Deportes Media, helps Spanish language mobile users learn English

The Muuzii service is available to AT&T mobile customers.

QuickAdvice: CamDictionary Translates 54 Languages - Plus, Win A Copy!

CamDictionary claims to translate to and from 54 languages with just a snap of your iPhone's camera. But does it work?

AppGuide Updated: Best English Dictionary Apps

In ye olden days, to find the meaning of a word you had to search through a 10 pound book filled with tens of thousands of words. That took a lot of time and effort (even sometimes getting your hands dirty with ink). The apps in this AppGuide compress that book to the size of your phone and make searching for words a breeze. With a readers request, we have now added Cambridge Dictionary to this wonderful guide that makes looking up words less of a chore.

Daphnée: The Kind Of French Teacher You Wish You'd Had In High School

If you thought learning French was no fun, you obviously haven’t tried out Daphnée – a new iOS application, which is currently available in the App Store. For $2.99, Apple fans can watch Daphnée – a “lovely French teacher” – talk you through the basics of the language of love.

QuickAdvice: Spanish Touch Trainer Helps You Learn Spanish

Spanish Touch Trainer is a fun and effective supplement to your Spanish studies. The focus of this niche app is verb conjugation, arguably the hardest part of learning Spanish for a native English speaker. Spanish Touch Trainer takes advantage of the iDevice functionality to take the monotony out of textbook study and drills. It has a beautiful user interface and feels game-like, though it is a serious learning tool.

ROK Lingo: Un, Deux, Trois - No One Ever Does It Like That Anymore

ROK Lingo makes translation as easy as "un, deux, trois." Read on to find out how...

Review: Basic Spanish For Dummies

Basic Spanish for Dummies teaches you the basics of how to read, write, and pronounce the Spanish language. It uses built in flashcards, videos, and a dictionary to make the learning experience fun. But how does it stand up to all the other Spanish teaching apps out there? Read on to find out...