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Apple and other tech companies settle anti-poaching lawsuit for $415 million

Apple and three other big Silicon Valley firms have agreed to settle an anti-poaching class action lawsuit to the tune of $415 million.

Ericsson files complaint in response to Apple's lawsuit over its LTE technology patents

Ericsson has responded to Apple’s lawsuit over its LTE patents by filing a complaint of its own.

Apple sues Ericsson over allegedly inessential LTE wireless technology patents

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Ericsson over the latter’s LTE wireless technology patents.

Apple and other big tech firms agree to new settlement in anti-poaching lawsuit

Lodged in 2011, the complaint accused Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe of colluding to not poach one another’s employees.

Lawsuit filed against Apple over allegedly faulty MacBook logic boards dismissed by judge

The proposed class action lawsuit filed last May against Apple over allegedly faulty MacBook logic boards has just been dismissed.

Apple's Beats facing suit from Monster, its original headphone manufacturing partner

The company behind the Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones is being sued by the audio tech firm Monster, its erstwhile partner.

Apple facing possible class action lawsuit over 'massive data footprint' of iOS 8

Apple has been hit with a lawsuit over its alleged false advertising of the available storage capacity in its iOS devices.

Lawsuits filed against Apple over retail store employee bag checks dismissed by judge

The ruling is largely based on a recent Supreme Court decision in a similar case involving Amazon.

Steve Jobs' deposition video in iPod antitrust trial won't be made public after all

Apple has won court approval in its legal battle against media organizations who wanted to publicize Steve Jobs’ deposition video.

'Not guilty' verdict in iPod antitrust trial is music to Apple's ears

The verdict is in: Apple is not guilty of wrongdoing in the just concluded iPod antitrust trial.

As iPod antitrust trial against Apple ends, jurors turn their attention to iTunes 7.0

The iPod antitrust trial against Apple is set to be concluded soon as the case has been sent to jurors.

Former iTunes engineer testifies against Apple in iPod antitrust lawsuit

A former iTunes engineer testified against Apple that he worked on a project designed to “block 100 percent of non-iTunes clients."

Media just want to show 'a dead man' in Steve Jobs deposition video, Apple lawyers say

Apple has officially responded to the request to make Steve Jobs’ iPod antitrust lawsuit deposition video publicly available.

Steve Jobs' deposition video in iPod antitrust lawsuit could be made public

The videotaped deposition of Steve Jobs in relation to an antitrust lawsuit concerning the iPod could be made public.

Apple's motion for dismissal of iPod antitrust lawsuit denied by judge

Apple’s motion for the dismissal of the ongoing class action lawsuit concerning its iPod music player has been denied.

Former Apple supply manager sentenced with prison time and fine over kickback scheme

Devine will spend a year in jail and pay $4.5 million for his wrongdoing.

Apple denied appeal to dismiss class action lawsuit over California labor code violations

The lawsuit cites Apple for not granting “timely” meal breaks, rest breaks, and final paychecks.

Late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs testifies in iPod antitrust lawsuit via taped deposition

A videotaped deposition of Steve Jobs has been played in court as part of an antitrust lawsuit concerning the early generations of the iPod.

Apple deleted iPod content downloaded from rival music services

From 2007 to 2009, Apple deleted user content that some iPod owners had obtained through its rival music services.

Apple once again denied US sales ban on patent-infringing Samsung devices

Apple has once again failed to secure a ban on the sales in the U.S. of patent-infringing Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Apple and Samsung's legal battles continue as judge issues 2 new orders

A couple of orders concerning the first court trial between Apple and Samsung in California have just been issued.

Apple and Samsung agree to drop all patent lawsuits outside the U.S.

Apple and Samsung have agreed to end all patent lawsuits they've filed against each other outside the U.S.

Apple and AT&T begin paying original iPad 3G buyers as part of class action settlement

Apple and AT&T have started sending out payments to buyers of the original iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in the U.S.

Apple faces class action lawsuit over alleged Labor Code violations in California

Apple is now facing a class action lawsuit filed by a number of its former employees over alleged violations of the Californina Labor Code.