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legal battle

At Last: Apple, Samsung CEOs Both Agree To Patent Dispute Mediation

Could Apple and Samsung come to a final agreement concerning smartphone-related patents?

Apple Tried To License Its Patents To Samsung In 2010

A few years ago, copying Apple could've cost Samsung a whole lot less.

Only 16 Percent Of Customers Realized The Galaxy Tab Was A Samsung Product

Even Samsung's own research says they copied iPad.

Samsung's Latest Legal Gaffe Is More Of The Same In Patent Trial

It's hard to dance when you have two left feet. And they're both in your mouth.

Product Timelines Prove Samsung's Ripoff Reputation

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Or a billion dollars.

Forget iPhone, Apple Wanted To Make What?!

According to Phil Schiller, Apple nearly sped off in a completely different direction.

What Would A 'Curvy' iPhone 4 Have Looked Like?

Apple's "shaped glass" iPhone design was ahead of its time.

Apple Seeks Default Victory As Result Of Samsung's 'Litigation Misconduct'

Apple is asking for a default victory in the design portion of its patent suit.

Samsung's Defense Off To A Head-Scratching Start In Apple Patent Trial

After several glaring courtroom mistakes, Samsung is fighting an uphill battle.

Portuguese Reseller Interlog Fails, Sues Apple For Hefty Sum

A failed Portuguese reseller is suing Apple for alleged price-fixing.

If The Cops Get Your Smartphone, They're Free To Impersonate You

If your smartphone is seized, the police can make you into someone you're not.

German Court Clears Motorola Xoom Of iPad Design Infringement

After a lengthy stay in the court system, Apple's case against Motorola falls apart.

Preliminary Injunction On Samsung Galaxy Nexus Temporarily Stayed

Samsung has won a temporary stay on U.S. sales of its Galaxy Nexus Smartphone.

Judge Who Threw Out Recent Apple Suit Says Patents Are Unnecessary

Judge Richard Posner says technology patents aren't necessary to protect companies' investments.

Software Patch Could Get Banned Galaxy Nexus Back On Store Shelves

Samsung's legally-blocked Galaxy Nexus probably won't be off shelves for too long.

Apple Wins Injunction Against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus Handset

Apple has scored a second (and far more substantial) courtroom victory against Samsung.

Justin Bieber Wants No Joustin' Beaver

The pop star's lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to the developer of an app called Joustin' Beaver.

Social Developer Vostu Issues Massive Layoffs In Response To Zynga Settlement

Vostu's settlement with Zynga has likely led to massive internal restructuring.

Mobigame's Edge Makes A Triumphant Return To The App Store, On Sale For $.99

Mobigame's Edge is back in the U.S. and UK App Stores after a long trademark dispute. To celebrate, it's on sale for only $.99 this entire weekend.